Friday, July 29, 2016

Lovely Links


Well, another week has gone by, which means I'm only a little over two weeks from heading back to school! I can't believe how fast the summer has flown past me. I started my internship back in May and today is my last day... crazy. I remember, when I first started, July 29 seemed so far away and now it's finally here! I definitely feel like this internship was a learning experience for me in so many ways and I am so excited to share a little bit more about that with you in the future! This weekend is going to be pretty busy because I have to get everything ready to head back to school before our trip to Hawaii on Wednesday since I move back in two days after we get back... pray for me. I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Wearing: Aside from my double strap Jack Rogers, which you all know I can't stop raving about, I have been toting this bag from J.Crew around everywhere! I got it the other day when I went out with my parents and it has been perfect for carrying everything I need for work. I know it will be super handy when school rolls around too. I may even use it as a carry-on for my trip! 

Watching: Confession - Last night I watched four episodes of Gilmore Girls on Netflix after "sitting down to watch one while eating dinner." #sorrynotsorry Anyone else dying of excitement for the Gilmore Girls revival

Wanting: I've been seeing these adorable straw bags all over the internet lately and needless to say I am OBSESSED. Everything from the bright monogram color options to the hand done weave is simply perfection. I wish I could have gotten one in time for my trip this week! 

Listening: I've had the song 'Brand New' by Ben Rector on repeat lately. It's so catchy and fun to sing along too!

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Love this NY Times Hamptons Summer Guide!

All these Pinterest quotes are hitting way to close to home lately. 

Did you see the downloadable binder covers I designed? 

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Why I love My Fitbit Alta

A couple years ago, when I got my first Fitbit, I wrote this post. I had just gotten my Fitbit Flex and I was obsessed with it. It motivated me, and I found it so convenient! When I got to USC last fall, my Fitbit got lost in the mess of unpacking my dorm and so I ended up going the full year without it. This summer, I've been trying to refocus my energy on taking care of myself and my first step for that has been to regain control of my eating and activity level. Getting my new Fitbit Alta (find the light pink leather band here) has been essential in making that possible. 

At first I kind of wavered between getting the same Fitbit I already had, or getting the new Fitbit Alta, but, after doing my research and talking to Caroline, I decided the Alta was the way for me! When I first got it, I  was super excited, but I surprisingly love it even more than I expected too! The most crucial thing that sets it apart from my old one is that it has a screen to display the time, my steps, my calories burned, and any other stats I choose. Before, if I wanted to know those numbers, I would have to open the app in my phone, but now I can access them at just the flick of a wrist! The other thing I really love about it is the fact that I can hook it up to my phone's bluetooth so that it gives a little buzz if I am getting a text or phone call. This is great for the times when my phone is across the room or on silent, so I can make sure I never miss anything important. Additionally, it allows you to set your general "active hours" and will send a little buzz 10 minutes before each of those hours ends if you haven't walked at least 250 steps in those 60 minutes. This has come in handy at the office especially. When sitting down all day, I sometimes forget to get up and move, so these little buzzes remind me to take a loop around the office, go check the email, or walk to the bathroom for a little stretch break. 

Having a Fitbit again has allowed me to keep better track of my fitness goals, my caloric intake, and my sleep, which has ultimately led me to easier and more productive days. If you're debating investing in a Fitbit or not, I highly highly suggest it! 

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Binder Cover Free Download

Part of why I started this blog three (coming up on four) years ago, was because of my love for creating things. Growing up I was a Play-Doh master and in school, art was always one of my favorite classes. Now, with more serious academic challenges, Preptista is my place to freely create and do whatever I want. Two years ago, I made these downloadable binder covers and to this day I still get requests on how to make them or where I found them. Since I noticed their continued popularity, I thought it was time I gave you guys something a little more fresh and new. I hope you like them! 

In order to start using them, just click the link above for the cover you want, download the PDF and open it in either Word or Photoshop to customize them! (Hint: If you're using Word, type inside a textbox to get the writing right where you want it.) The font I used on mine is called Didot, and you can download it here if you don't already have it. I've shown them above as academic binders, but they would also be perfect for work or to organize recipes and such around your house! 

If you end up using the covers, send me a pic or tag me on Instagram. I'd love to see what you do with them! Also, feel free to email me if you need help or have any questions. 

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pretty in (neon) Pink Collab

Last week, in my Milwaukee recap, I hinted about sharing my first romper experience here on the blog and I'm so excited that today is finally the day! I bought this little number while in Wisconsin at the cutest store called The Navy Knot and the minute I tried it on I was instantly in love. So, naturally, I decided to wear it that same exact night to go out to dinner with Caroline and Fran.  Coincidentally, Caroline was also planning on wearing hot pink that night, so we decided to shoot our outfits and make a mini collab out of it! Read below for more details about the look. 

Karen Walker Sunnies | Sail to Sable Romper | Vineyard Vines Clutch (similar and on sale under $100!) | Soludos Wedges

Rompers have always been difficult for me. As they've grown in popularity, my interest in them has certainly piqued, but unfortunately, since I'm wider in the hips, finding a romper that is both comfortable and flattering has always proved to be a challenge. When I saw this romper on the hanger though, and gave it a good look, I immediately knew it would work - I just had this feeling. The minute I tried it on, I felt like a whole. new. person. It was incredible! The fabric, is top quality silk, and has a pretty universally flattering cut. It's also totally true to size and super comfy. Honestly I would live in it if I could. 

My other favorite part about the romper is the color. We all know I'm partial to any shade of pink, but there was something about this color that stole my heart. It was the kind of pink that is rich and somewhat neon, without being obnoxious at all. I loved that it felt like something I could dress up with heels and accessories or dress down with sandals and the color could work for either occasion. If you're looking to be a show stopper, this is definitely the romper for you. I got so many compliments on it! 

Let's talk about these shoes though. I picked them up right before my trip because I'd been eyeing them for months and I saw they finally went on sale at a local Trina Turk boutique. At first I was slightly skeptical, but I loved the idea of the ankle ties because I thought they were fun and different. These shoes are single-handedly one of the best heel purchases I have ever made. I feel like I could walk miles in them and never have sore feet. I know I am going to get a ton of wear from them at school this year and I can't wait to wear them even more with other outfits! I think they will be especially good for Monday Night Dinners at my sorority this year. 

I hope you loved this outfit as much as I loved sharing it. Be sure to go over to Caroline's blog too to see how she styled hot pink for a night out with friends! 

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Dorm Room Inspiration

Last year, my dorm room was a pink and navy oasis, but, as much as I love the colors pink and navy (helloooo, they're my blog colors!), this year I am going for something a little bit more toned down. I'm sticking to similar decor techniques - artificial greenery for a homey feel and touches gold to elevate the space - but this time around my color scheme is going to be white, cream, gold, and shades of pink! I am so excited because I am living with my same roommate again and we got so many compliments on our room last year, that we can't wait to do it all over again. You can shop the items above here: 

How are you planning on decorating your college dorm room this year? 

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016

Today marks the first day of public access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and although I already share my Lovely Links this morning, I would feel as if I was doing you a disservice if I didn't offer a little guidance in navigating all the deals. Below you will find a roundup of all the items in the sale that I think are the best splurges and deals. I've organized into categories for you as well to make it a little bit easier. You can pick the items you want by selecting it in the scroll widget below each category. Happy Shopping! 

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Lovely Links

Last picture from Wisconsin I promise! (Who am I kidding... probably not)

Though this week started off sad when I had to fly back home, it actually turned out to be a really good week! I got a lot of work done for the blog, got to spend time with my family, and last night my roommate from last year (and for next year) came over for a sleepover since I don't have work today! Weeks where I feel like I've both had fun and been super productive are the best kind of weeks in my opinion. I hope you all have a great weekend! 

Wearing: I bought these sandals right before my trip and I am so obsessed with them. I was a little hesitant about branching out to a new style of Jack Rogers, but they are seriously comfortable! I've been wearing them nonstop. 

Watching: My dad sent me this video the other day and I absolutely love what Jan Singer, CEO of Spanx, has to say about failure. 

Wanting: When I bought my first pair of Stan Smiths, I really wanted them in navy and white, but bought them in green and white since the navy wasn't available. Luckily for me, as I was perusing the  Nordstrom website, I saw the the navy was finally available! I scooped them up two days ago and I can't wait for them to arrive! If you've been looking for a navy pair, I suggest scooping them up before they're gone! 

Listening: In order to feel more connected while we are apart, Fran made a playlist for Caroline, herself and I! You can listen along here.

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This website is my favorite resource for blogging tips!

In light of Ivanka's speech last night, read this awesome interview with Ivanka Trump on Town & Country!

How amazing is Julia's office?? Total decor goals! 

Picked up this new planner while I was in Wisconsin and I can't wait for it to start August 1st! 

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