Fall Wishlist

As sad as it is to officially be saying goodbye to summer, there are few things that make me happier than dressing for fall. I love the look of snuggling up in layers, sporting cute sweater and boots, and wearing all the neutrals. Recently, I've been kind of in the mood for a complete wardrobe overhaul and have found myself eyeing basic pieces that can take me throughout the years. 

Junior Year Room Tour!

Well, it's definitely been a minute since I sent some love to my little corner of the internet and honestly, it's been making me so sad when I think about not blogging for over a month. However, I think this little "hiatus" of sorts, might have been just the right break for me to get back into the swing of things at school and with my life in general. One of the weirdest things for me going into this school year was realizing that I am really halfway done with college. I went from having 4 years left to 4 semesters left, which just feels so weird.

I'm living in my sorority house again, but, this time around, I'm in a double with my best friend! So far it has been amazing. We live so well together and being in a room with only one roommate is so much better than when I had 3 roommates last year.  

Our room was one of the rooms featured on the house tours during recruitment a couple weeks ago and my mom and I had the best time picking everything out and decorating it for my roommate and I. We went with a light blue, white, and gold color scheme and I'm absolutely in love with it. The colors make the room feel so serene every day when I come home from class.

I've spent the past couple of weeks being back at school recovering from sorority rush and getting back into the swing of things with my classes. Now that I feel much better adjusted to being back at school, I'm feeling ready to get back to the blogging grind and bring some new fun content to the blog! Have something you want to see? Leave a comment or send me an email

My Favorite Agendas For The New School Year

As I gear up for a new school year (junior year eeekkkk!!!), it's time for me to choose a new agenda! picking my agenda and buying my school supplies is the best part of going back to school in my opinion. I love feeling refreshed and organized heading into a new school year! Today, I'm sharing some of the planners I've been eyeing lately.

Beauty Week // Products I Want To Try

As loyal as I am to my tried and true favorite products, for me, there is nothing quite like the thrill of buying and trying a brand new product. I keep a running list in the notes app on my phone of products I see, hear, or read about that I want to try and reference it whenever I'm and about shopping. The list is kind of really long, but I wanted to share some of the products I want to try the most with you all! 

Beauty Week // My Current Haircare Routine

As much as I love my hair, it's honestly the most complicated and difficult of all of my beauty routines. Although my hair has always been hard to manage, it used to at least be soft and shiny. Now, since I started coloring it a few years back, it's curly (and not in a good way), frizzy, puffy, dry, and pretty much everything else you don't want your hair to be. I'm extremely lucky because my hair holds style really well and responds well to products, but it's still a pain to tame. 

Beauty Week // My Current Makeup Routine

After discussing my skincare routine with you all yesterday, I thought it seemed most fitting to talk about my makeup routine today since they kind of go hand in hand. When it comes to my skin, my beauty philosophy is very simple - my skin always comes first. I try to stick to products that don't clog my pores up too much, don't make me break out, and keep me looking as natural as possible. I like my makeup to help me look like the best version of myself, while still looking like me.  

Beauty Week // My Current Skincare Routine

Skincare is something that is absolutely near and dear to my heart. I think I've brought this up on here before, but up until the end of high school, it wasn't really something I paid much attention to. I mean, I loved products don't get me wrong, but I didn't use anything regularly and I definitely did not have any kind of routine. By the time I finished high school and started college I had learned the importance of taking care of your skin.