March Favorites

With March finally behind us, I though I would share some of my favorite new discoveries from the past month! Read on for a life-changing face cream, some killer podcasts, sneakers you'll never want to take off, and more. 

Spring Moodboard

Happy Spring, everyone! I was trying to have this post up last week, but I ended up getting the stomach flu, which messed up all of my planning! Spring is definitely one of my favorite seasons to dress for, and this year I am swooning over all the pastel hues. I feel like all I want to wear lately is light blue and pastel pink with white. 

Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

I've been trying to sit down and write this post for a little while now, but, every time I tried, I had so many thoughts running through my head it was too hard for me to sort them all out. 2017 was a really difficult year for me in many different ways. School was really hard in the spring and, as I trudged through it, I could feel myself slowly losing my grip on every other part of my life. I was closing myself off to people, eating poorly, not exercising, and simply just not taking care of myself and every time I thought that maybe it was getting better, it wasn't. The worst part of it was that it was almost like I didn't even want to actually do anything to fix it. I just wanted to sit there and self-destruct and hope that maybe it would all correct itself. So, I did. I finally began to see the light at the end of the tunnel in the fall. But, when winter came it got a little difficult again. Because I was in a better mental state though, I took the challenges in stride and by the time I went back to school in January everything had fallen together. 

25 Fun Holiday Outfits

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is getting to dress up for Christmas parties and New Year's Eve. It's scary to think 2017 is already coming to an end, but I'm so excited to be spending New Year's in Dallas this year! We still have yet to decide what our plans are for that night (if any of you have fun ideas for a New Year's Eve in Dallas let me know), but that hasn't kept me from looking for a fun holiday outfit to celebrate in!

Gifts for the Beauty Junkie

If you ask my mom or any one of my friends, I think they'd all agree that I have enough products in my bathroom to open up my own beauty counter. Honestly, it's kind of a problem. But, luckily for you, that means I know a thing or two about the best products out there and what you should buy for the beauty junkie in your life! (and don't worry, even though there's only a week until Christmas, most of these things are still available with guaranteed delivery before the big day! 

Gifts for the Guys

I hope you all enjoyed my Christmas list yesterday! I want to kick off my series of gift guides by paying tribute to the amazing men in all of our lives. Whether you're shopping for your dad, boyfriend, friend, or husband, there is something here for everyone at every price range!