Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bloggers Who Brunch

If someone says hey don't like brunch, they're probably lying to you and themselves. It's pretty much impossible for someone to not like brunch simply because of the fact that brunch means you can eat any kind of meal you want at the best time of day. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know brunch is by far my favorite meal. I mean brunching is basically a sport to me.

I am so excited for today's post because I am teaming up with some of my favorite blog friends for a fun brunch themed collaboration! Each of us are going to sharing some off our favorite brunch spots and brunch outfit inspiration. I decided to go with a slightly more casual brunch look opting for a fringe denim skirt to offset my poofy white off-the-shoulder top. I'm so excited to share some of my favorite LA brunch spots! When you're done reading, be sure to go check out everyone else's posts linked at the bottom. 

Warby Parker Sunnies | J.Crew Top | Frame Denim Skirt (similar) | Kate Spade Clutch (old) | Jack Rogers Sandals | Fitbit Alta 

Any LA food guide, will tell you to stop by Bottega Louie for a meal, and trust me, they are not wrong. Bottega Louie is one of my absolute favorite restaurants both for the atmosphere and the amazing food. The minute you walk through the door, your eyes feast upon a colorful and extensive selection of macarons and you can't help but smell all the amazing dishes being served. I've tried every meal there, but my favorite by far is their brunch! If your a fish person, you must try Salmon Millefeuille. It is seriously to die for. Their Potato Pancakes and Portobello Fries are delicious as well! 

If I'm in the mood for avocado toast, one of the best I've had is at Zinc in the Arts District of LA. I love that their version is hearty enough to be a meal, but still light enough that it won't weigh you down the rest of the day. The Truffle French Fries are not to be missed either! 

My favorite omelette ever can be found at Aroma Coffee & Tea. The restaurant is located in more suburban part of LA, but that doesn't stop the line from building up every weekend. They have delicious lattes, insane pastries, and something on the menu for everyone. My order? The Shrimp and Lobster Omelette! 

Last but not least, I need to give a shoutout to the best Croque Madame I have ever had at Bouchon Beverly Hills. Honestly this is the kind of meal I dream about at night. The bread is thin and crunchy and the sandwich is pressed with melty cheese coming from all sides. If that doesn't get your mouth watering like mine is right now, then I don't know what will. 

Check out everyone else's posts with the links below: 

What's your favorite local brunch spot? 
Let me know what you thought of this collab in the comments below and whether or not you'd like more content like this in the future!

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Spa Day for One with Packed Party!

Anyone who knows me, knows that my philosophy in life is to celebrate just about everything and whenever I come across a company that shares this point of view, I know it's a match made in heaven. I've been a fan of Packed Party for a while now (I mean how fun are these disco drinks??) - those girls live out the philosophy of celebrating everything - so when we began talking about collaborating for a blog post sharing their You Pampered Thing, You package, I jumped at the opportunity!

The You Pampered Thing, You package is exactly what you need to have a personal spa day or to send to a friend who needs a little R&R.  

The packaging is seriously the cutest, too! When the package shows up on your doorstep, the goodies are in the cutest navy, pink, and white box (hellooooo Preptista colors!) and the inside is filled with white and gold crinkle paper for an instant party as soon as you open it up! 

The products that come in each Packed Party are changed out every once in a while to keep things fresh and interesting, but what I loved about my package was it came with the everything necessary to take care of both the body and the mind. A deep conditioning hair mask and collagen face mask for the hair and skin, and green tea and bubble bath solution to help relax! Not to mention, the cutest detangling comb ever!

I haven't tried the bubble bath yet, but I can tell you it smells amazing! The hair mask smelled great, too, and was exactly what my dry ends needed to put a little life back into them. The detangling comb was perfect for combing it through my hair in the shower!

No matter what the occasion, Packed Party has what you need to celebrate or just bring a smile to your face. I'm already thinking of all the other packages I want to buy for myself and send to my friends! 

So, who's ready to get the party started?!?

You can keep up with Packed Party by following them on Instagram, and adding them on Snapchat (TeamPackedParty)! 

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Outfit: The Pink Door

When we decided we were going to Palm Springs for the weekend, I was immediately at a loss for what I would wear. I felt like the majority of my options weren't exciting, or didn't feel summer-y enough. Much to my surprise, right before we left, my mom cam home and surprised me with the perfect dress for the warm weather. 

 J.Crew Off-The Shoulder Dress | Kate Spade Sunnies | Tassel Necklace c/o | Kate Spade Camera Wicker Purse (limited edition) | C. Wonder Heels (similar

I've had this bag for years and it has to be one of my favorite items in my wardrobe. It's just so unique and makes me smile every time I see it. I even keep it on display in my room for a daily dose of happiness.

This necklace just screams summer in my opinion. When The Tiny Tassel contacted me to pick out some pieces to share on the blog I was worried I wouldn't find something completely "me," but when I stumbled upon these shades of pink and orange I was sold. Putting on the necklace instantly put me in vacation mode. 

The Pink Door served as a the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot even though it was a little bit weird knowing the residents were right on the other side of the door! At one point one of the kids walked out to take out the trash and we mad eye contact and kind of both just chuckled. At least they're good sports about all the photos! 

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Palm Springs Trip Recap!

If you've been keeping up with me on Instagram and Snapchat (find me as preptista!), then you know that I spent this weekend adventuring around Palm Springs! I've been vacationing out in the desert for as long as I can remember, but I haven't actually gone out and explored in a really really long time. And let me just tell you, it turned out to be one of the best weekends I've ever had! (Beware, this post is super photo-heavy #sorrynotsorry)

We started off our adventuring by tracking down #thatpinkdoor that it seems like everyone who goes to Palm Springs takes photos with. I had been wanting to go see it for years, but it never seemed to fit in with our pool time vacation plans, but I am so glad I finally made it there! It's even more exciting in person than it looks in the pictures! If your ever in town, I highly suggest making this stop. (You can find the pink door at 1100 Sierra Way!)

Just a couple of houses down from the pink door is another fun house with lions flanking both sides of the front door. The owners always hang fun things on the lions too like these crab floaties! 

On our way to lunch, we stopped at the Saguaro Hotel to admire the colorful exterior. I was having serious color envy the entire time. I mean how can you not swoon over that hot pink! 

Our last stop of the day before pool time was a trip to The Parker for a late brunch. We ate at their restaurant Norma's, which is like a high-end diner with some of the best brunch food you've ever had. Afterwards, we wandered around the hotel enjoying the property and I stumbled upon Gray Malin at the pool! I've talked about him a million times before on the blog, but he is my absolute favorite photographer and I am pleased to say he was equally as kind as he is talented. 

On Sunday before the pool, we brunched at Eight4Nine, which is the one of the cutest restaurants in Palm Springs with high ceilings, natural light, and splashes of hot pink at every turn. The best part is the food was even better than the decor! 

Have you ever been to Palm Springs? What are your must visit places in town? 

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

What I Learned From Being a Freshman Again

so remember the feeling I had when my freshman year of high school ended. I was relieved to have jumped the hurdle into high school and survive and I was excited to no longer be a freshman. I even remember talking to some of my friends bout how we wouldn't be freshman ever again. We completely forgot about the fact that come three short years, we would be freshmen all over again. I learned a lot after my freshman year of high school, but I learned way more after surviving my freshman year of college.

College is a funny thing. The experience is different for each student, but no matter what it's a roller coaster. From moving into my first dorm and joining greek life to wrapping up classes and packing it all up, I cried, I laughed, and made a million new memories. Here are some of the things I learned now that it's all over:

1. Try Everything
 My first semester I joined my sorority and that was it. I had a lot of fun and got to do a lot of new things, but at the end of the day I didn't really feel that fulfilled. When second semester rolled around I joined as many things as possible and made the effort to make friends in activity I joined. I ended up falling in love with student government and never looked back. Now I feel like I have two families at school - my sorority and USG!

2. Go To Office Hours
I can not emphasize this one enough. First semester I did not make it a priority to, but second semester I didn't really have a choice - I was failing my math class. When I say failing I don't mean a C either. I mean an actual F (not for lack of trying). When my second midterm came and I ended up doing even worse on it than the first, I went to my professor and explained my problem to him. Because I showed concern and an effort beyond the bare minimum, my professor was more than willing to help me. We made a deal that if I got a C on the final, he would give me a C in the class. I dedicated the entire month and a half leading up to the final studying harder than I ever had before and guys, I. Got. An. A. I got an A on the final without a curve and I got a B in the class! I honestly don't think my professor would have been so generous or willing to give me advice if I hadn't shown as much effort as I did.

3. Ignore FOMO
Everyone has experienced the fear of missing out and I will admit that it is difficult to ignore, but you have to try your best. Even though college is a time for fun new experiences, you also need to be dedicated to your studies. I can't tell you how many times I begrudgingly chose to stay in instead of go out, just to find out that it wasn't fun anyways! Just pick the times you go out wisely and make sure it's going to be worth it!

4. Focus on Making Memories
Some of my favorite and most memorable parts of freshman year were the random and spontaneously fun things I did with the other girls in my hall. Late night ice cream runs, movie nights, and hummus and pita parties in our rooms were just some of the fun things we did together. Just thinking back on them puts a huge grin on my face. Sometimes it's the little things that turn into the most exciting.

I'm planning other college related posts! What else would you like to see? 

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Currently Obsessed: Tuckernuck New Arrivals

I've always loved the items sold on Tuckernuck, but I have to admit, a lot of times I forget to even look at their shop when I need inspiration or just want to treat myself. The other day, I took some time to go through all of their New Arrivals and to explore the rest of the site and I was in shock by how many adorable products they had. To say I am currently obsessed is such and understatement. I honestly forgot how amazing all of their items were. Even though I didn't necessarily like everything for me, I don't think there was a single item I actually disliked completely. I will admit that Tuckernuck is definitely pricier than some of the other stores I frequent, but all of their brands are top-notch quality, which theses days tends to get taken for granted. Here were some of my favorites:

(Remember if the widget isn't showing up, try loading this post in your browser!)

Are you a frequent Tuckernuck shopper? 

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Friday, June 3, 2016

Guilt-Free Chocolate Chip Banana Breakfast Muffins

I've been on a big health kick lately to try and eat cleaner and shed some of the extra pounds I've been struggling with for a while now. Last week, when I started my new internship though, I was struggling to find something for breakfast that was easy to grab and go, but also healthy and tasty. I have to leave my house by 6:15 in the morning everyday to get to work on time early, so I have no time for fuss. 

After searching around on Pinterest for a recipe, I came across one for healthy banana chocolate chip muffins and I knew I had struck gold. I whipped up a batch on Sunday and have been taking one to-go every morning and eating it during my commute to work! 

I've included the recipe below: 

Makes: 12


  • 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 3 bananas
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 cup nonfat plain greek yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon unsweetened almond milk 
  • 1/2 cup mini semi-sweet chocolate chips

What Makes them healthy? 
Whole wheat instead of white flour
Honey instead of sugar
Greek Yogurt instead of butter 
Almond milk instead of heavy dairy

1.  Preheat your oven to 350ºF and line a muffin tin with baking cups.

2. Whisk together dry ingredients in a medium sized bowl.

3. In a separate bowl, mash bananas with a fork and then mix in the rest of wet ingredients. (I used the bowl from my KitchenAid Mixer to help with the next step.)

4. Add the dry ingredients to the bowl of wet ingredients and whisk together until smooth and combined completely. (Seriously the KitchenAid mixer is so helpful for this! Cuts down the mixing time and effort in half.)

5. Fold in the chocolate chips.

6. Divide muffins evenly into the pan and bake for 20-25 minutes, or until you can stick a fork in without any batter stuck to it.

7. Let cool and enjoy!

How delicious do they look? I'm not exaggerating when I say they are amazing!

If you end up making some of your own, let me know what you think in the comments below or tweet me

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