Monday, October 24, 2016

Current Coat Crushes

I've talked about my love for coats before here (one of my favorite posts I've written to this day), but honestly it's more of an obsession than just a love. I seriously can not contain my excitement when fall rolls around and store windows are filled with color coordinated outfits topped with the perfect coats! One of the stores that I think nails the outerwear category better than anyone is J.Crew. Seriously, my heart flutters a little when I open their website during the fall.

I love how easy it is to make any statement you want through the coat you pick. You can go blow with a bright color, or more subtle and sophisticated in a simple navy wool coat or trench. There are so many options and each one can tell a story.

 Checkout all the coats I'm loving right now using the widget below (if it doesn't work in email, try opening the post in your browser!): 

J.Crew is also having a major sale right now! You can get 30% off when you spend $200+ and 25& off when you spend $125+! Use code 'SHOPMORE'.

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Blue Mirrored Sunnies {Giveaway!}

My favorite part about staying in Los Angeles for school is that on the weekends I've been able to explore the city so much more than I ever did before. This weekend, my big and I decided to go on a homework date to Alfred Tea Room on Melrose! She had been for the first time last week, but since I had never been before and we didn't want to do homework at home, we thought it would be fun to go together!

Shein Dress c/o | Ilymix Sunnies c/o | Tory Burch Purse (similar) | Jack Rogers Sandals 

I always like to dress up a little bit when I go on adventures around LA and this was the perfect outfit for exploring and studying! The dress and sandals were super comfortable while still looking put together.

I received these sunglasses from Ilymix not too long ago and I have been wearing them nonstop ever since they came in the mail. I love how lightweight they are on my face. When it gets super hot, heavy sunglasses can be a little too much and end up sticking to my nose (does this happen to anyone else??), but these are perfect. The quality is also really great considering the price - they're only $20!

I also love how the blue mirrored lenses pop with the outfit. It's the perfect accessory to add a little color without being too bold. They're too pretty to keep inside my bag  but fit perfectly sticking out of the side pocket! They're so eye-catching, I don't even have to be wearing on my face in order to add a little "somethin-somethin" my outfit!

I'm super excited because not only is Ilymix generously offering all my readers 20% off with the code  'preptista', but they are also GIVING AWAY a pair of sunglasses to one lucky reader! You can enter the giveaway using the widget below. The giveaway will end Friday at midnight. Good luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

P.S. Thank you so much to everyone who filled out my survey last week! I was seriously overwhelmed by the amount of responsesI received! I am still accepting responses in order to win a $20 Amazon gift card though, so if you haven't already filled it out, please go do it now

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Help Me Make Preptista Even Better!

Between my schoolwork, student government, and sorority life, I'd be lying if I said it hasn't gotten at least a little more difficult to balance everything than it was over the summer. The fact that I've had to shift my focus from my blog to my academics definitely does bum me out because I absolutely love love love blogging, but obviously my schoolwork has to come first. As a result you've  probably noticed that I've reduced my posting frequency by a lot and I want to try and get a better feel for how I should approach the blog for the rest of the school year. 

My posting lately has been pretty sporadic partly due to the fact that I haven't made any kind of blogging schedule or plan and partly because I haven't really been budgeting my time in the most efficient way. I thought I would be able to make it all work by "just doing it," but clearly that hasn't been working out very well.

Going forward, I plan on reducing my posting to three days per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) with the occasional super hectic weeks where it may be closer to one or two. Since my posting schedule is going to be reduced though, I want to make sure I am really focusing on producing the content that you guys want. I am absolutely so grateful to have readers who are loyal and engaged and I truly do not know where I would be if it weren't for all of you helping to make my dreams come true. To ensure my posts are more fine-tuned to all of your interest, I've made a short survey (shouldn't take more than three minutes) for you to complete! I know not all of you will be able to fill it out, but you have no idea how much I would appreciate your feedback. It's thanks to all of you that I get to do what I love and I want to make sure you keep coming back for more.

As a little extra incentive, I will be giving away a $20 Amazon gift card to a random reader who fills out the survey! I'm so excited to read all of your input! 

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fall Wishlist

Despite LA's triple digit temperatures these past couple days, I am officially in a fall state of mind. While I'm forced to roam campus in shorts and dresses, all I can think about is jeans, booties, and cable knit sweaters. I've been going nuts looking at all of the adorable new fall arrivals, so I decided I would share a condensed version of my Fall Wishlist! 

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve

What items are you lusting after this fall? 

Note: I've made a super quick and easy form to get a better idea of what you all want to see on the blog and I'd love it if you would just take a few minutes to fill it out, so I can better cater to your wants and needs! Thank you so much! Click here to get to the form

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sophomore Room Tour!

It's crazy to believe that I've been back at school a little over a month already. In some ways I feel like it was just summer and in other ways it feels like summer was ages ago. 

Unlike last year, this year I am living in an apartment right off of campus. The most exciting part though is that I am living with my same roommate from last year. Since we worked so well together last year and grew so close, we decided to just room together again. Though we loved our pink and navy color scheme last year, we opted to try and make it seem a little less childish by going for lighter shades of pink with white and gold and we were obsessed with how it all came together. 

I included all of my dorm room essential in this blog post and I really did use everything on that list in my room. I even used that as my own checklist when packing! The mattress toppers are probably the biggest essential on the entire list if you ask me though. They transform my bed from a plain hard mattress to the mattress of your dreams. I feel like I'm on a cloud every time I go to sleep. 

Pineapple Lamp | Striped Storage Basket c/o  | Pineapple Jewelry Dish (similar)

The one thing I felt like I was lacking in my room last year was easily accessible storage. Even though everything had a place, I found a lot of stuff was difficult or just inconvenient to get to. This tall storage basket from Annie Selke's Fresh American is perfect for keeping my sweatshirts easily accessible without looking messy! Not to mention the stripes are to die for. 

When it comes to bath towels, texture is key. I look for something super soft, but hat doesn't leave lint all over my body after I use it. These boyfriend towels from Annie Selke's Pinecone Hill are exactly the kind of towel I'm talking about. They are amazing!

Another thing I wished I had in my room last year was a long pillow against the wall for when I want to sit and lean up on it. I love how this ruffle pillow that Annie Selke's Pinecone Hill also sent me is both stylish and practical - no sacrifices necessary. 

I like to keep my desk space uncluttered so that when I get home from class at the end of the day I can actually use the space to get my work done. The bulletin board of my desk is exactly the dose of inspiration I need every morning! 

Annie Selke's Fresh American also gifted me some smaller storage bins for my closet, which have been perfect for storing my purses and smaller accessories that I don't want to just have all over the place. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this year's room as much as last year! It was so fun getting to decorate all over again! 

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

My Typical Class Outfit

With classes officially in full swing now, I thought I would share some more back-to-school outfit inspiration! This outfit is super typical of what I wear to class on a daily basis. I love wearing both my white and blue denim skirts for class because they are so versatile and super comfy, while still looking more put together than denim shorts. 

SheIn Top c/o | Jolt Denim Skirt | Karen Walker Sunnies | Adidas Tennies | Madeline & Co. Backpack c/o | Gray Malin S'well Bottle 

I received this backpack from Madeline & Company and I was instantly in love upon opening the box. The colors were absolute perfection, but the icing on the cake is the navy and white striped detailing inside. The back is so functional because it fits absolutely everything I could need while still remaining super stylish and giving my drab school days the splash of pink they need. The best part is that there are so many pockets making it super easy to keep everything organized between classes. 

When I saw this top online, knew I had to have it. We all know I'm a sucker for anything navy, but the white ric-rac detailing on the hem and sleeves is what sealed the deal. The fabric is stretchy and comfortable, but a little on the thicker side, so it will be perfect once it cools down just a tiny bit. You know, when it's too cold to wear a tank top, but too hot for long sleeves. I think it would be so cute with white skinny jeans, or the new ripped (shocker, I know) jeans I just ordered and I can't wait to keep wearing it throughout the year! 

Because I live in an apartment off campus, I usually wear cute tennis shoes to stay comfortable while walking there and back every day. Although I have my bike, I love to get the extra steps in and have some fresh air to start and end my days. 

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Thank you to SheIn for sponsoring this post! 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Sales and First Fall Picks

Labor Day means many things - the end of summer, the end of being allowed to wear white, and SALES. Labor Day sales make back to school shopping easy and fun! Ive had such a shopping bite lately, so I've compiled all the things I'm loving in a handy-handy widget below! There are tons of cute fall items that are included in the sales too like this puffer vest and this cape. I'm also dying over this striped dress which comes in at under $50 after the discount! Happy shopping! 

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