101 in 1001

Welcome to my list of 101 things I plan to do in the next 1001. Below you'll find a mix of personal, professional, and health goals as well as fun adventures I want to try. Let's do this!

Start date: July 17, 2018    |    End date: April 13, 2021

  1. Learn to code
  2. Create and manufacture my own product
  3. Consistently keep a daily journal for one month
  4. Go unplugged for a whole weekend
  5. Move out of my parent's house
  6. Get a job before graduation
  7. Travel to 2 new countries
  8. Learn to play backgammon
  9. Write on the blog every weekday for 1 month
  10. Go to Nantucket
  11. Visit a friend at their college
  12. Do something that really scares me
  13. Buy or lease my own car
  14. Send handwritten notes to all my friends just for fun
  15. Guest write for a blog or editorial I love
  16. Host a summer/spring backyard party
  17. Film and post 10 youtube videos
  18. Settle into a steady workout routine at school
  19. Become a morning person
  20. Get rid of all the clutter in my room
  21. Redecorate my bedroom
  22. Try 20 new to me restaurants
  23. Make my LA guide
  24. Get Global Entry and TSA Precheck
  25. Try aerial yoga
  26. Take a trapeze class
  27. Go a whole month without shopping
  28. See the canals in Venice Beach
  29. Watch the sunrise from the beach or mountains
  30. Take a calligraphy class
  31. Visit a National Park
  32. Go on a roadtrip
  33. Work with a brand I admire
  34. Learn to drive stick shift
  35. Begin writing a book
  36. Stick to my Lenten promise
  37. Try something new with my hair
  38. Go to 2 concerts
  39. Get my first freelance design job 
  40. Host a meetup with my followers
  41. Organize all my photos on my phone and computer
  42. Finally print photos 
  43. Decorate my first apartment
  44. Get a promotion
  45. Define my personal style
  46. Stick to a monthly series on my blog for one year
  47. Have my apartment featured on a blog or Magazine I admire
  48. Invest in a designer handbag
  49. Go to Tokyo
  50. Speak at a conference or on a panel
  51. Get interviewed on a website or podcast
  52. Learn to cook 10 new meals
  53. Have new headshots taken 
  54. Work with a photographer for me blog
  55. Commit to a blog schedule/editorial calendar
  56. Brush up on my french
  57. Start a collection of matchboks from restaurants I love 
  58. Register my blog as a business
  59. Make 4 new blog friends
  60. Collaborate with 3 other bloggers
  61. Learn Illustrator
  62. Make work friends
  63. Find my signature scent
  64. Convert my blog to self-hosted wordpress.org
  65. Organize all my beauty products
  66. Invest in a full luggage set
  67. Read the newspaper every morning for a month
  68. Watch 10 new documentatries
  69. Get invited on a trip for my blog
  70. Go a month without ordering food
  71. No elevators or escalators for a week
  72. Establish 3 different revenue streams for myself post-grad
  73. Have lunch or coffee with an entrepreneur I admire
  74. Find a mentor
  75. Try eyelash extensions
  76. Go one month without ordering food
  77. Make a huge mistake and learn a big lesson from it
  78. Go to NYFW
  79. Go a week without heat styling my hair
  80. Run a 10 min mile
  81. Do a 5k
  82. Donate $1000 to a cause I care about
  83. Go dairy free for 3 weeks
  84. Workout everyday for a month
  85. Become an ambassador for a brand that excites me
  86. Try 5 new Happy Hours in LA
  87. Begin investing in a retirement fund
  88. Cut out refined sugar for 2 weeks
  89. Get an allergy test
  90. Do 23 and me 
  91. Take my mom on a Mother-Daught Vacay
  92. Find my signature drink
  93. Throw a surprise party
  94. Post on Instagram everyday for a month
  95. Convert all my files to the cloud
  96. Get another dog
  97. Say yes to every opportunity for a week
  98. Wear my retainer every night for a month
  99. Try retinol
  100. Start taking daily vitamins
  101. Save $3000