Shopbop Surprise Sale Picks

I'm generally not the type of person to be drawn to major sales because quite frankly I get overwhelmed and I usually the items I want aren't on sale and I end up buying a bunch of things I don't  really want or need. However, like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Shopbop's sales are legendary. With steep discounts on items that almost never go on sale, this sale is one to pay major attention to -- this surprise sale is no exception. 

My favorite part about big sales like these is getting high-end in-season items for a fraction of the cost. For example, these Hunter Boots! As we're heading into the winter months, how could you refuse a fresh pair of rainboots for under $100? I think my favorite item in the entire sale though has to be the Ferragamo flats. These shoes rarely ever go on sale and when they do they're typically only on sale in the seasonal colors, not neutrals! I received the navy flats for Christmas last year and they are easily one of my favorite pairs of shoes I own -- they make you feel chic and are so comfy. Also, I didn't include them in the collage above, but my absolute favorite tights ever are included in the sale too! They're fleece lined on the inside and seriously so warm and cozy. They're a must-have especially if you live somewhere that's getting super cold (they have a comfy waistband too!). 

The sale only lasts for 3 days, so shop while you can! I've already seen a lot of items selling out pretty quick, but there are seriously so many amazing options. If you're planning a getaway to somewhere warm this winter, there are plenty of cute sundresses and more summery items on sale that would be perfect! 

Shop the items above plus some additional options below: 

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