Beauty Week // My Current Haircare Routine

As much as I love my hair, it's honestly the most complicated and difficult of all of my beauty routines. Although my hair has always been hard to manage, it used to at least be soft and shiny. Now, since I started coloring it a few years back, it's curly (and not in a good way), frizzy, puffy, dry, and pretty much everything else you don't want your hair to be. I'm extremely lucky because my hair holds style really well and responds well to products, but it's still a pain to tame. 

Because I've spent so long trying to understand my hair, this is probably the routine I am the most confident in and most particular about. (I also think I may get the most questions about this too).

I recently started using Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner and I think it one of the most genius concepts. It's shampoo and conditioner that is specifically formulated for you and your hair's needs and I really think it makes a big difference. Not to mention, it looks cute in your shower caddy or on your shelf, and it smells amazing. (You can use this link for $5 off your order!).

Once a week I use this anti-residue shampoo from Neutrogena just around my scalp to get rid of any build-up from my various products. It really gives my hair that squeaky clean feel, but is super strong so I can't use it more than once a week. Afterward, I'll use one or two pumps of my normal shampoo from mid-shaft down to wash the rest of my hair. Because it's a little drying, I like to use a hair mask instead of conditioner on the days I use the Neutrogena shampoo. This one from Ouai is my absolute favorite. It smells incredible and I can honestly say I don't think my hair has ever felt so soft. I use the whole packet and just really lather it on. You only need to leave it in for 10-15 min, so I usually just leave it in while I shave my legs and wash my body and face. If I have free time though, and want to do a little extra pampering, I'll leave it in for a few hours and get back in the shower to rinse it later. best. mask. ever. 

When I get out of the shower, I always always always detangle using my Wet Brush. The best practice for detangling with any brush after a shower is to brush slowly starting near the end and working your way up. This keeps you from pulling knots and tangles to the bottom and creating an even more stubborn knot and also prevents breakage. Once I've towel dried and detangled, I liberally spray this leave-in conditioner all over my hair. I swear by it and can 100% tell the difference when I run out and don't use it.  I also like to put in this hair oil on the tips to seal my split ends. After I finish styling, I like to use a dollop of this finishing creme from Ouai all over to make it look a little more lived-in. If I'm trying to go one more day without washing my hair, which let's be real is most of the time, this is my favorite Dry Shampoo ever - also from Ouai. It adds the perfect amount of volume and gives my hair the little boost it needs to get through that "one more day." 

PS. If you want to try Ouai products, but are afraid to commit, I highly recommend starting with this set! That's what I did and I am hooked now! It says it's out of stock online, but I found mine in the mini section by the register at my local Sephora!

My curling wand and my blow dryer are my tried and true favorite tools. I've been using both of them for a long time now and don't seem myself switching it up anytime soon. (Although I'm really curious about the Dyson hair dryer!) This Amika straightening brush though, that's the real game-changer. I've never used a tool that has completely changed my outlook on doing my hair like this one has. It's my most recent hair purchase. I've only used it a few times, but it's my new Holy Grail. I can literally brush away all my curls, waves, frizz, and dry ends to reveal frizz-free shiny, smooth hair. I thought it sounded too good to be true until I tried it for myself. I swear this brush is life-changing. I know it says it's out of stock online, but check your local Sephora for it. That's where I got mine!

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