Olive my Saturdays!

Soooooooo... Want to know the biggest question I've been receiving lately? (Who am I kidding? Obviously you all do!) 

Well, you guys seem to be very curious about what I'm doing this summer and where I am interning and I've kind of been keeping it a secret for a while. But not anymore! I am so excited to announce to you all that I have been interning in the corporate offices at Olive & June (follow along on Instagram here if you don't already) since mid-April and will be continuing through summer! For those of you who are unfamiliar, Olive & June is a different kind of neighborhood nail salon in LA on a mission to to make the mani/pedi experience "downright lovely." As a long time client and fan of the salon myself, I was so over-the-moon when this opportunity came my way. 

Why have I been keeping it a secret for so long? Well, I wanted to wait until I could reveal the big project we've been working on and today I finally can! 


I'd like to introduce you all to The Saturday Sandal - a sandal that takes you from salon to street in style and ties a zillion ways without touching your fresh pedicure. No more paper flip-flops!! I mean can you think of a more genius idea?!? I was able to get my hands on a pair of them early and I am so excited to sport them around town. Get ready to see them featured in many outfit posts throughout the summer. 

The sandals come in five different colors - a classic black, a girly blush, a neutral tan, a playful, but sophisticated pearl, and a chic, pale bone. They are made out of the softest leather and have memory-foam insoles so that they are actually comfortable on your feet. The best part? You can make them completely yours by tying them whatever which-way you want. You can even double up on different colored laces or go mis-matched! I mean, I may be just a tiiiiiiny bit biased, but I think every girl needs these for summer!

Are you excited yet? You can buy The Saturday Sandal today on the Olive & June website and I wouldn't wait because I'm pretty sure they're going to go quick! Trust me, you're going to loooooove your Saturdays. Any guesses what color I got? 

What color do you want??

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