A Day in My Life - Spring Break Edition

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

As both a blogger and a blog reader, I always love to read about how other people spend their time and what they do during the day. Though it may seem mundane, for some reason I find it so interesting. I've had this kind of post requested for a while now, but each time I've wanted to write it I've forgotten to keep track of what I did with enough detail to create a whole post. 

After Caroline left LA, I had to get back to reality and get myself into full gear before heading back to school in a few days. Though I enjoy sleeping in whenever I can, I don't like to let myself sleep in too much during break so that it's not harder to wake up during school. I started my day with a little bit of self-care at Soulcycle and Olive & June before visiting my grandma, running errands, and doing some work.

If you liked this post and would be interested in a school day version of this post, let me know in the comments! 

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