Last Minute Gift Idea

I know I've been pretty MIA recently, and with the new year coming up fast, I was trying to plan a good comeback, but I just couldn't let the holiday pass without at least trying to help the last few of you who are still struggling with gift ideas! Any other year I would have bombarded you with gift guides and whatnot, but this year I decided to sit it out and take a little breather. Pottery Barn Teen recently sent me these awesome bluetooth headphones though, and guys, they are way too good to pass up.

The first thing I have to rave about the headphones is how cute they are! I love the shiny gold around the ear part and the gold leather that goes around your head. It makes them just as stylish as they are functional! As you can see in the picture below, they also have gold polka dots on the ear piece to give them a little extra flair!

When I tried them on for the first time I was also really impressed by the sound quality and comfort given the price! They sounded amazing and are priced so well (and on sale now too!) - practically a no brainer.

I think the key feature to these headphones though is definitely the fact that they are wireless. Especially considering that my new phone doesn't have a headphone jack, the bluetooth capability is crucial! (And if you buy them as a gift, you won't have to worry about the recipient not being able to use them if they get the new iPhone for Christmas too.) I can take the headphones anywhere I want or put them on and walk around without worrying about any cords or anything! I'm seriously obsessed with them.

Even though Christmas is only a couple days away now, you can still pick up a pair of these headphones for a daughter, friend, or girlfriend at a local Pottery Barn Teen and I guarantee they won't be disappointed with them! Or, you know, you can just pick a pair up for yourself ;)

I hope you all have a very safe and happy holiday! Now that I'm back, I'm going to try not to leave you guys hanging again, so look out for more of me on here soon!

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