Sophomore Room Tour!

It's crazy to believe that I've been back at school a little over a month already. In some ways I feel like it was just summer and in other ways it feels like summer was ages ago. 

Unlike last year, this year I am living in an apartment right off of campus. The most exciting part though is that I am living with my same roommate from last year. Since we worked so well together last year and grew so close, we decided to just room together again. Though we loved our pink and navy color scheme last year, we opted to try and make it seem a little less childish by going for lighter shades of pink with white and gold and we were obsessed with how it all came together. 

I included all of my dorm room essential in this blog post and I really did use everything on that list in my room. I even used that as my own checklist when packing! The mattress toppers are probably the biggest essential on the entire list if you ask me though. They transform my bed from a plain hard mattress to the mattress of your dreams. I feel like I'm on a cloud every time I go to sleep. 

Pineapple Lamp | Striped Storage Basket c/o  | Pineapple Jewelry Dish (similar)

The one thing I felt like I was lacking in my room last year was easily accessible storage. Even though everything had a place, I found a lot of stuff was difficult or just inconvenient to get to. This tall storage basket from Annie Selke's Fresh American is perfect for keeping my sweatshirts easily accessible without looking messy! Not to mention the stripes are to die for. 

When it comes to bath towels, texture is key. I look for something super soft, but hat doesn't leave lint all over my body after I use it. These boyfriend towels from Annie Selke's Pinecone Hill are exactly the kind of towel I'm talking about. They are amazing!

Another thing I wished I had in my room last year was a long pillow against the wall for when I want to sit and lean up on it. I love how this ruffle pillow that Annie Selke's Pinecone Hill also sent me is both stylish and practical - no sacrifices necessary. 

I like to keep my desk space uncluttered so that when I get home from class at the end of the day I can actually use the space to get my work done. The bulletin board of my desk is exactly the dose of inspiration I need every morning! 

Annie Selke's Fresh American also gifted me some smaller storage bins for my closet, which have been perfect for storing my purses and smaller accessories that I don't want to just have all over the place. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this year's room as much as last year! It was so fun getting to decorate all over again! 

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