Preppy Girl's Guide to: Packing for College

I would say the weirdest part about writing this post is not the fact that it means I am done with freshman year, but the fact that it means I start sophomore year in exactly one month from today. 

Last year, I lived in a traditional dorm with one roommate and a communal bathroom for all the girls in my hall. Ever since I posted this dorm tour though, I have received non-stop questions from girls asking what exactly they should bring to college. At first when I was moving I was worried I had over-packed, but once I got there and unpacked everything I found I had brought just enough. However, there were definitely some dorm necessities I didn't take and had to figure out I needed on my own. Don't worry though, I included those in here too. 

If you're wondering why I didn't include clothes in this list, those are coming. I didn't want to skimp out and the list was already long enough as it was! I will have a comprehensive list on what clothes to bring for your first year of college soon. 

This year I will be living in an apartment with my same roommate from last year and a couple other girls and I can't wait to share the decorations with you when it's all complete. 

You can download and print the PDF version of the list here. Good luck to all of you incoming freshmen! 

If you have any specific questions about products I used or additional questions about packing for college, you can let me know in the comments below, or you can email, tweet me, or ask me on tumblr

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