Why I love My Fitbit Alta

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A couple years ago, when I got my first Fitbit, I wrote this post. I had just gotten my Fitbit Flex and I was obsessed with it. It motivated me, and I found it so convenient! When I got to USC last fall, my Fitbit got lost in the mess of unpacking my dorm and so I ended up going the full year without it. This summer, I've been trying to refocus my energy on taking care of myself and my first step for that has been to regain control of my eating and activity level. Getting my new Fitbit Alta (find the light pink leather band here) has been essential in making that possible. 

At first I kind of wavered between getting the same Fitbit I already had, or getting the new Fitbit Alta, but, after doing my research and talking to Caroline, I decided the Alta was the way for me! When I first got it, I  was super excited, but I surprisingly love it even more than I expected too! The most crucial thing that sets it apart from my old one is that it has a screen to display the time, my steps, my calories burned, and any other stats I choose. Before, if I wanted to know those numbers, I would have to open the app in my phone, but now I can access them at just the flick of a wrist! The other thing I really love about it is the fact that I can hook it up to my phone's bluetooth so that it gives a little buzz if I am getting a text or phone call. This is great for the times when my phone is across the room or on silent, so I can make sure I never miss anything important. Additionally, it allows you to set your general "active hours" and will send a little buzz 10 minutes before each of those hours ends if you haven't walked at least 250 steps in those 60 minutes. This has come in handy at the office especially. When sitting down all day, I sometimes forget to get up and move, so these little buzzes remind me to take a loop around the office, go check the email, or walk to the bathroom for a little stretch break. 

Having a Fitbit again has allowed me to keep better track of my fitness goals, my caloric intake, and my sleep, which has ultimately led me to easier and more productive days. If you're debating investing in a Fitbit or not, I highly highly suggest it! 

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