Breakfast & Blogging in Bed

One of the best parts of being in Milwaukee with Caroline and Fran this past weekend was being able to constantly collaborate with each other and bounce all of our ideas around. We went on a lot of fun adventures while I was there, but the parts I cherished the most were when we were just snuggled on Caroline's couch blogging, watching TV, and talking to each other. 

On Monday morning we slept in and decided to make our own yogurt parfaits and avocado toast, which was so much fun because we got to use our own combination of ingredients to make them completely ours. 

Here is what I included in my layered yogurt parfait: 
Fage 0% Plain Yogurt 
Peach Slices 

Fran | Me | Caroline 

For the avocado toast we mixed avocado with some lemon for a little zing and layered it on some seriously delicious sprout bread. You can check out exactly what was used in the avocado toast in Fran's post!

Layering the parfait was essential to getting all the flavors. Not to mention it made them look super cute. I added the cinnamon to sweeten up the yogurt a bit and the peaches because they're one of my favorite fruits. 

If you eat avocado toast and don't take a picture of it, did you really eat avocado toast? 

Don't forget to go to Caroline's and Fran's blogs to check out what they put in their parfaits! 

What do you like to include in your yogurt parfaits? Do you have a favorite avocado toast recipe? 

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