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Instagram (you can follow me here!) is both the most fun and the most difficult social media platform. Although each photo is supposed to be "effortless," a lot more effort goes into each photo than you may think, and that effort leads to some pretty funny stories. Today, I'm sharing some of the backstories of my most recent Instagrams. (Thinking back on these really makes me realize how ridiculous I can be...) Enjoy! 

What it looks like: Just casually leaning against the gate of my private dock with my Jack Rogers in tow. 
What really happened: This is indeed a private dock, but it is not my private dock. I was in Newport Beach staying with a friend for the weekend and I made her sneak onto someone else's dock with me to take this picture because the american flag sign and the topiaries in the background were too good to pass up. My feet were also burning up on the hot ground. 

What it looks like: Shading myself with a pretty pink paper parasol (say that five times fast) while looking off at the ocean in the distance. 
What really happened: They gave out these adorable umbrellas at the wedding to shade ourselves during the ceremony, but I accidentally left mine behind. I knew I wanted to take a picture with one so my mom enlisted the bride's 12-year-old son to help me find one. I assumed he would just look for one laying around somewhere, but next thing I knew I saw him asking another wedding guest if he could take hers! I took my pictures and quickly apologized. I'm looking away from the camera because every time I turned around my hair blew straight into my face. 

What it looks like: I am enjoying a perfect beach day complete with a mini palm tree, and a shaded chair. 
What really happened: I was at my family's beach club and this chair was being occupied by one of the attendants to make sure no non-members entered the club from the beach side. I had to tap the guy on the shoulder to ask him to move for my photo and he laughed at me and then I told him I was serious. 

What it looks like: Brunch at a cute trendy LA cafe. 
What really happened: My friend and I went out to celebrate #NationalBrunchDay at a yummy breakfast place I'd been wanting to take her. When the hostess took us to our table, she took us to a brown wooden table directly in the sun, which just would not have looked good in a photo. Naturally, I asked her if we could move to the green table nearby and she kind of chuckled before walking us over. I then proceeded to move the table closer to the umbrella and rearrange the chairs (which didn't even end up in the shot). 

What it looks like: Me being fun and cute fully clothed on my flamingo floatie... Typical Wednesday
What really happened: I almost fell into the water within seconds to attempting to get on the flamingo. When I finally got off, my butt was soaking wet. 

What it looks like: I celebrated #NationalDonutDay with a Donut Latte from my favorite nearby donut shop! 
What really happened: I had been dying to try Fonuts for a while, and since my office is somewhat in the neighborhood (or so I convinced myself) I stopped in for National Donut Day. When I showed up they were almost out of donuts and there was a pretty significant line. As I waited, it got down to only one red velvet donut left and I crossed my fingers it would be mine. I heard a little girl behind me talk about how she wanted the red velvet one and in any normal circumstance I wouldn't have taken it so that she could, but hey #doitforthegram, right? (I must sound like a terrible person) Also, I didn't even want, like, or drink this coffee. I just thought it could complete the picture. $12 later I got a good instagram pic.

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