What I Learned From Being a Freshman Again

so remember the feeling I had when my freshman year of high school ended. I was relieved to have jumped the hurdle into high school and survive and I was excited to no longer be a freshman. I even remember talking to some of my friends bout how we wouldn't be freshman ever again. We completely forgot about the fact that come three short years, we would be freshmen all over again. I learned a lot after my freshman year of high school, but I learned way more after surviving my freshman year of college.

College is a funny thing. The experience is different for each student, but no matter what it's a roller coaster. From moving into my first dorm and joining greek life to wrapping up classes and packing it all up, I cried, I laughed, and made a million new memories. Here are some of the things I learned now that it's all over:

1. Try Everything
 My first semester I joined my sorority and that was it. I had a lot of fun and got to do a lot of new things, but at the end of the day I didn't really feel that fulfilled. When second semester rolled around I joined as many things as possible and made the effort to make friends in activity I joined. I ended up falling in love with student government and never looked back. Now I feel like I have two families at school - my sorority and USG!

2. Go To Office Hours
I can not emphasize this one enough. First semester I did not make it a priority to, but second semester I didn't really have a choice - I was failing my math class. When I say failing I don't mean a C either. I mean an actual F (not for lack of trying). When my second midterm came and I ended up doing even worse on it than the first, I went to my professor and explained my problem to him. Because I showed concern and an effort beyond the bare minimum, my professor was more than willing to help me. We made a deal that if I got a C on the final, he would give me a C in the class. I dedicated the entire month and a half leading up to the final studying harder than I ever had before and guys, I. Got. An. A. I got an A on the final without a curve and I got a B in the class! I honestly don't think my professor would have been so generous or willing to give me advice if I hadn't shown as much effort as I did.

3. Ignore FOMO
Everyone has experienced the fear of missing out and I will admit that it is difficult to ignore, but you have to try your best. Even though college is a time for fun new experiences, you also need to be dedicated to your studies. I can't tell you how many times I begrudgingly chose to stay in instead of go out, just to find out that it wasn't fun anyways! Just pick the times you go out wisely and make sure it's going to be worth it!

4. Focus on Making Memories
Some of my favorite and most memorable parts of freshman year were the random and spontaneously fun things I did with the other girls in my hall. Late night ice cream runs, movie nights, and hummus and pita parties in our rooms were just some of the fun things we did together. Just thinking back on them puts a huge grin on my face. Sometimes it's the little things that turn into the most exciting.

I'm planning other college related posts! What else would you like to see? 

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