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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ever since my family moved into our new house a couple years ago, I've been receiving request after request for a tour of my bedroom. After the move, it took me a while to get the whole room looking put together and the walls felt a little bare... especially above my bed. Last week I decided to suck it up and post the pictures, but then my mom came home with the perfect piece to hang above the bed, so I had to push it back to give myself time to take some new pictures. I am so excited to finally be sharing these photos with you! Hope you enjoy :) 

First, a little glimpse at my bed. My bed is absolutely the comfiest place I have ever slept in. It's like one big cloud. There is no feeling I love more than sinking under my fluffy comforter at the end of the day. All hose pillows transport me out of this world. And how cute is that XO hanging up above the bed?? At first when my mom bought it I was worried it wouldn't match the heart bedding, but once I saw it hanging I was obsessed. It's my new favorite decoration in my room! 

I'll confess that my nightstand doesn't always look this put together. When I'm actually sleeping you'll usually find a bottle of water, my favorite Glossier coconut lip balm (Click here for 20% off!), and probably a hair band lying around as well. 

The pink shoes print is one of my favorite pieces of art. It's called "Sammy's Pink Party Shoes" and was painted for me when I was little by a family friend, who is an amazing artist. It's fun knowing I have a piece of art hanging by my bed that was made just for me.  

I've had this dresser in my room my entire life. It was custom made by someone my mom found years and years ago and the detailing is beautiful. I love the scalloped trim around the shelves and the colonial beanbord backing.

Here is a better look at my bed from a distance. My closet is behind the door right next to my bed and is about the size of a shoebox. One of my favorite features of my bedroom though is the built-in shelving lining the wall. There are two units flanking both sides of a window seat I have under my dormer, but couldn't take a picture of because the light coming through the window was tricky. 

Pottery Barn Vanity (Similar) | Henri Bendel Round Trunk (Limited Edition) | Ballard Designs Mirror 

I've had this vanity for years and absolutely love it. It's perfect for storing my makeup on and I can even use it as a desk when I really need it. If you recognize my mirror, it's probably because it's the same one they have at Drybar. My mom and I found it at Ballard Designs! This shot also shows the other shelving unit. You can see what they look like a little bit more clearly in this photo. I love how the boxes are different sizes and how the units have crown molding. I think they give the room a little character. 

This is the door to my bathroom. My bathroom is pretty small, so I didn't really feel the need to take a bunch of pictures of it, but I will try to post some on my snapchat story later today! 

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my room! Let me know what you think in the comments below and feel free to ask any questions you want! 

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