How I Organize My Planner with Inkjoy

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Since I started blogging I've received so many requests from readers to see how I organize my planner, but honestly I just never got around to making the post. When Papermate reached out to me about sharing how I get organized with their Inkjoy colored pens though, I knew this was the perfect opportunity! I mean organization and color-coding? Planner post made in heaven!

I used to be a purely felt tipped pen girl when it came to my color coding, but was willing to branch out and try something new when I read all the rave reviews about the pens and let me just tell you, they are NOT wrong. The pens are so so smooth across the paper and the best part is the ink never skips! I also just love how vibrant all of the colors are! The set comes with 13 different colors perfect for all different types of writing, organizing, and doodling. 

Although I love using colored pens all the time, I use them the most when it comes to organizing my planner. I've been using a planner since about the sixth grade to keep track of all of my assignments and to-do's (I know, I was a busy middle schooler.) and colored pens have always been an integral part of my organization. Since I've come to college though, my organization process has changed a little bit because I have more types of things to keep track of. 

I used to use a different color for ever subject in school, but college has brought on more responsibilities and more things to keep track of and all those colors got to be a bit confusing to remember. Here is my new break down: 

Turquoise: Homework Assignments
Keeping track of all homework in the same color isn't really as bad as I thought it would be. I just make sure to always write the class name or code before I write what the actual assignment is so I never get confused! 

Pink: Important Plans or Events
I use pink (my favorite color) to highlight any and all important things I have coming up for the week whether it be a big midterm, dinner plans with my sorority or with friends, or something to look forward to at the end of the week like leaving for Argentina for Spring Break! 

Purple: Things To Remember To Do
Purple symbolizes anything I absolutely can not forget to do. I make sure to put this in a different color so that it will stand out among everything else! 

I like to use the calendar page of my planner to keep track bigger more long term things. On the calendar page of my planner you can usually find major due dates for projects and applications, exciting plans like spring break, and my friends' birthdays! 

The Inkjoy pens have really helped me keep everything more organized lately and make everything pop off of the page so well! Another key thing that makes them way better than other gel pens? They don't smudge! Once you right it, it's there for good, no need to worry about the ink rubbing on the side of your hand while you write across the page!

How do you like to keep your planner organized? 

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Thank you so much to Inkjoy for sponsoring this post! 

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