Most Beautiful Home Award

I've been obsessed with Gray Malin for a while now, but after seeing photos of his home, I my obsession level has gone through the roof! 

I have always thought he is an amazing photographer and has such an eye for design and an amazing ability to think outside the box, and let me tell you his interior design skills do not disappoint either. He somehow found a way to bring pops of color, whimsical art, and sophistication in a way that appears completely seamless! 

Those pink pillows #omg

I just love how the bright red chairs bring life to the bright and airy room! 

If my home office looks half as amazing as this one does when I grow up I think I'll be able to die happy.

I am obsessed with this palm print he sprinkled around the master bedroom! 

Talk about backyard goals. Those umbrellas are absolute perfection and the whole things seems to transform the setting and take you somewhere far away. 

You can see the rest of the photos from the home tour here if you're looking for some inspiration to keep your own place looking pristine! Also, this home tour he featured on his blog is gorgeous as well! 

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