A Few Christmas List Ideas

I always like to say Christmas is my favorite month and people always correct me and remind that Christmas isn't a month, it's only a day, which I obviously am aware of. When I say Christmas is my favorite month I just mean that I love when the holiday season comes and stores are fully decorated, Starbucks has their red cups and seasonal drinks, and christmas lights go up on the houses in my neighborhood. Gift giving is one of my favorite parts about Christmas. In fact I normally have to wait till pretty late in the game to actually by the gifts because I can't resist the excitement about giving them out once I buy them! I'd be lying if I said that I didn't love getting its for Christmas though. It's still pretty early to start building a christmas list, and I'm not saying I've made mine yet, but I've definitely found items online, that probably make it onto the official list!

You can brows through the items using the widget below. If it doesn't open, try viewing the post in your preferred web browser!

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