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Life is full of peaks and valleys. I feel like it is so easy to focus on either just the peaks or just the valleys, but when reflecting on the week, it's extremely important to acknowledge both so you can clearly see just how sweet life really is and after all, if you don't recognize the valleys, you won't learn anything from them... Then it's all just a waste. 

This week's...

Peaks - I got an A on the project that I stayed up until 5 am in the morning working on, I got the most amazing big ever, and it finally rained and showed signs of cooling down in California.

Valleys - I didn't do anywhere near as well on my midterm last week as I would have hoped and my ankle is still pretty sprained

I'm really excited for the upcoming weekend and for the new week ahead! Remember to take a look back on your week and see what your peaks and valleys were... Find a way to learn from the valleys and realize how beautiful the peaks make life! 

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Fake it till you make it - how to do fake calligraphy

I think I'm a little late to the game on this one, but is anyone else obsessed with Tory Burch's new active wear line? I like it so much, I might have to take up tennis!  

Bonus link: My big Lindsay is the most adorable human being on the planet and has a killer Instagram that you should all go follow now

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