Dorm Room Tour

Monday, October 5, 2015

I know I promised to show you guys my full dorm room after posting this sneak peek picture on Instagram a long time ago, but as things at school got crazier (and my room got messier), I kept putting it aside. Last week I finally cleaned up and made it look (almost) as pristine as it looked on move in day and I am so excited to finally get to show you all my full dorm!

I have to say, my dorm bed may be more comfortable than my bed at home and it's probably due to the 3-inch Tempurpedic mattress topper my mom bought me. It's definitely on the pricier, side but I swear it makes all. the. difference. My mom and I made it a priority for my room to feel as home-like  as possible and I definitely think we succeeded.

We found my nightstand on a random spur-of-the-moment trip to home goods. I'm pretty sure it's actually a bathroom side table, but it was perfect because it was tall enough for my bed! I use it to store ay sort of medicine cabinet items... It's like I have my own little pharmacy in my dorm!

I'll be honest that I don't really ever use my desk in my dorm, but doesn't it look cute? My dorm is too distracting to actually do studying there, but I sometimes sit there to write my blog posts. I do most of my homework in the Library or at my sorority house where it is much easier to focus with everyone else working (and also a little less lonely). 

At the end of the year I plan on doing a College Packing List post, of everything I brought with me that I believed was essential! I hope you all like this glimpse at my dorm room! 

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