Rocksbox Rocks!

I'm a mega-fan of the beauty sample subscription service, Birchbox, so when Rocksbox contacted me about trying a 3 month membership, I didn't even hesitate about signing up! For those of you who haven't heard about Rocksbox before, it's a monthly subscription that allows you to essentially "rent" 3 pieces of jewelry picked out just for you by a personal stylist! You can also add specific pieces to your "Wishlist" in hopes that one or two will show up in your next box! It's perfect if you love switching up your jewelry because you can test out the jewelry for a couple weeks or the whole month and if you love it so much you want to keep it, you can pay for it online and keep it when you send the rest back! What makes it even better? Each month that you're subscribed, you get $10 to spend towards a future jewelry purchase! 

Interested? (I'm sure you all are!) You can sign up here and use the code 'PREPTISTAXOXO' for your first month free

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Thank you Rocksbox for sponsoring this post! 

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