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Happy Fri-yay! I'm so excited that it's the weekend! Tomorrow is one of the biggest football games of the season and I can feel the campus coming alive in preparation for the big day! It honestly feels like each week that I am here at USC is better than the last. It still feels like one big dream that I am even here. I've definitely been running around a lot more lately and things have started to get a little bit more difficult, but that's part of what I love most! Here's to an amazing weekend and to the Trojans beating Stanford tomorrow!

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Not sure if you can really consider this breakfast, but this french toast recipe looks amazing

Alexandra shares her ten don'ts for college (and really just life in general)

In case you didn't hear (or live under a rock) iOS 9 is now available for iPhone users everywhere... and it's unbelievable

You can now buy all of Mackenzie's adorable acrylic items in a value pack in her boutique! 

I'm really liking this monogrammed marble phone case!

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