5 Reasons Why I'm Glad I Joined A Sorority

"From the outside looking in, you can never understand it. From the inside looking out, you can never explain it." ~ Unknown

It shouldn't come as new news that I joined a sorority. When I decided to go to USC, I knew greek life was something I wanted to be a part of. There were many reasons why joining a sorority sounded appealing to me - easy friendship making, fun social events - but I'm pleased to say that sorority life has far exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Honestly, I can't even imagine not being in a sorority now! Here are five reasons why I'm glad I jumped on the greek life bandwagon!

Support Network
Joining a sorority is like joining a support group except they support you in every aspect of your life. I'm not really even sure how exactly to explain it besides saying that all the girls in a sorority will literally support you through anything. Nervous about asking a guy to an invite? Your sisters are there to cheer you on! Submitting an application for a program? Your sisters will help find as many resources for you to make your application the best! Getting ready for an interview? They will share every single interview tip they have and tell you all their terrible interview stories to help you feel better. I've only been in the sorority three weeks and I've already seen all of these things happen on multiple occasions. Just the other day, I was having breakfast with my pearl sister for the week and when I told her I had a blog she promptly got the link and shared it on Facebook to help spread the word! 

Easy Friendships
When you join your sorority everyone is so friendly and really wants to meet you. I haven't met a single person I couldn't see myself being friends with and everyone is so easy to talk to and spend time with. I can't go anywhere on campus without seeing someone from my sorority walking by and I'm always greeted with either a hug or wave and a big, cheerful smile! Seriously, with so many girls in one place it's impossible to not find friends. Being in a sorority with them creates a bond that I don't even know how to describe, not to mention the sisterhood. Coming from an all girls school, rooms full of women are nothing knew to me, but the sisterhood in a sorority is unlike anything other. When all 200 of us gather in the dining room for Monday night dinner, you can seriously feel the love in the room. 

Academic Support
One of the most fun things I've noticed about sorority life is finding people in your classes or in your same major! It's been awesome getting advice for my major from older girls who have taken my classes or have just a little bit of wisdom to share with me. I've even been able to find people in some of my giant lecture classes and getting to sit with them makes the giant room feel a little bit smaller and more comfortable. 

Even though my dorm is starting to feel like home, it's nice to have an actual house to go to and unwind during the day. Unlike in the dorm I can count on having clean bathrooms, I don't have to be afraid to walk around barefoot, and I get the chance to escape from all the boys in my hall. As the weeks pass by, I've been finding myself spending more and more time at the sorority house just because it makes me feel so full. Being there, seeing all my friends, and getting to just relax in such a beautiful environment makes me so unbelievably happy.

You might not think of safety when you think of a sorority, but honestly being in a sorority has made me feel so much safer during nights out on the row. I always have girls with me who have my back and make sure nothing goes wrong or happens to me (and vice-versa) and having the house right there in the middle of everything makes me feel like I have a safe-haven should anything go wrong or if I feel like I need a break. Girls in the house are always checking up on me to make sure I get home safe and even sending me messages when they hear I have a cold! 

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