Nourish Snacks

Ever since I first heard about Nourish Snacks, I've been suuuuper eager to try them. When they finally became available in Starbucks a few weeks ago, I bought one of each flavor that they carried. The minute I popped my first bite into my mouth, I knew I was in love. Not only are they healthy, but they also taste really good! 

Nourish Snacks sent me a box, so that I could sample some of them and each one was better than the last. They have over 20 flavors and if the others taste half as good as the ones I've tried so far, I know I won't be disappointed. 

The real reason I wanted to give Nourish a try though was because I am looking for healthy snacks to keep in my dorm for next year! I can't even imagine how bored I will get after a couple weeks of dining hall meals and the last thing I want is to gain the freshman fifteen. After tasting (and falling in love with) all the snacks, I am already planning on ordering a box or two to store in my room. If you're like me, snacking is an integral part of studying, which can be very dangerous when "one handful" turns into the entire box. Luckily, with Nourish, you don't have to worry about portions. Each snack pack is pre-packaged according to portion size and they are all under 200 calories, so you can eat the whole package completely guilt free.

Other health benefits to eating Nourish Snacks?
- Gluten and Dairy Free
- Vegetarian
- No GMO's, preservatives, or artificial coloring or sweeteners
- Each pack is loaded with protein and fiber, so they really are nourishing! 

So far my favorite flavors are "Chili'n in the Corn'r," "Mr. Popular," and "Berry'd Treasure," but I still have so many flavors to try and even more to order! 

Want to try Nourish Snacks for yourself? Use the code 'PREPTISTA' at checkout for 10% off your order through the end of August!!  

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Thank you to Nourish Snacks for sponsoring this post! 

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