Don't Be Afraid To Say Hello!


If you are easily intimidated by people your own age (like I sometimes am), saying hello can be one of the hardest things to get yourself to do. When you are starting at a new school though, saying hello to everyone and taking a minute to meet them is essential to making friends and finding your own group on a large campus! Even if you aren't going to a new school, but you go to a big school, the beginning of the new school year could be the perfect time to get to know more people in your class!

Luckily, so far I haven't been feeling too shy during welcome week. I think there is something comforting knowing that everyone is on the same playing field - we are all at a new school and we all don't know very many people - that makes it easier for me to put myself out there and make new friends. My whole life I've gone to schools where I knew everyone. I could tell you their first name, last name, if they had siblings, and, in most cases, where they went to elementary/middle school. Being in an environment where I don't know anyone besides my roommate and on top of that taking in the size of the student body is out of my normal comfort zone, but recently I've been making an effort (and I think succeeding) at not being afraid to say hello and give every possible friendship a shot! 

Don't be afraid to say hello, you never know, it may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

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