The Perfect Top

Last Thursday night my mom and I went back to school shopping at the Gap. Since I've worn a uniform to school for as long as I can remember, I've never really gotten to experience the excitement of buying new clothes to wear during the school year or the stress of having to pick out your own clothes every morning. (You mean I can't just throw on a plaid skirt and a polo and call it a day?) Anyways, in the midst of trying on clothes I found the perfect top. So perfect in fact that I bought it in four colors (deluxe green, rose blush, white seersucker, and black eyelet) ... and I'm considering ordering one or two more.

What makes this top so perfect you ask? Well, for starters, the sleeves are the perfect width to avoid any undesired armpit cleavage while still not crossing the fine line towards a cap sleeve. Second, it's the perfect length. It hits below your waist line, but above your hips, so it doesn't feel long at all and it also doesn't ride up when you lift your arms. It also has super cute little slits on the side with curved edges to give it a little bit of style. But. Most importantly, it is on super sale right now (additional 30% with code 'TREAT'), so run don't walk to get this top. 

Seriously, I can not speak more highly of this top. In terms of sizing, I would size up if you're unsure or don't have time to try it on in the store. For reference, I normally wear between and medium and a large, but I bought these in a large for a little bit of a looser fit. 

Again, run don't walk. 

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