Russia and Armenia Recap - Most Memorable Moments

I've finally uploaded all of the photos from my trip onto my computer and there are more photos than my brain can even begin to process. I had thought about doing multiple recap posts to share the bigger chunks of the trip, but the thought of sorting through more than 3,000 photos to do that was extremely daunting, so instead I thought I would share my 10 most memorable moments from the trip with you! There were so many amazing moments from the trip and more than 10 that were memorable, but the ones I picked for this post were the photos that in my opinion shaped my experience.

I don't know if I will ever be able to forget the excitement that my grandma and I felt at the airport before we left. After planning this trip for almost 3 years, neither of us could believe it was actually happening and all we wanted was to get on the plane! 

Our first morning in Russia my grandma and I woke up way earlier than our tour guide was scheduled to pick us up so we went walking around our hotel. The Bolshoi Theater was only one block away and it was so surreal to stand in front of a place so famous and so historic. It's always a crazy feeling when you learn about something in history class and then actually get to see it in person later. 

I absolutely love this photo of my grandma and I standing on top of Sparrow Hill in Moscow. I think it's my favorite photo from the entire trip. I definitely recommend visiting Sparrow Hill if you ever go to Moscow. It's so beautiful and you get an incredible view of the city. 

St. Basils Cathedral outside of the Kremlin was so beautiful. I've seen photos of it before, but the photos really don't do it justice. The colors on the building are all so vibrant and it's amazing how the sun reflects off of the gold accents. 

We visited so many churches in both Russia and Armenia, but oddly enough this is the only photo I could find of both of us at any of them! This church, The Cathedral of Christ the Savior, was definitely my favorite though, so I guess it's okay. 

Our last night in Russia we went to the Royal Circus! I think this was one of the most spectacular shows I have ever seen in my life! My grandma and I were in awe the entire show. The acrobatics were amazing and there were times when I was on the edge of my seat worried someone would fall, but every performer was so graceful and well trained the executed every movement flawlessly. 

Our first day in Armenia we visited the memorial commemorating the Armenian Genocide. The monument was beautiful and it was chilling to be somewhere that holds so much meaning. 

Everywhere I looked there were people selling handmade goods, but my favorite by far were these adorable hand knit chicken egg covers. They were a little bit different and so colorful!

One of the days in Armenia we climbed to the top of this hill to view the ruins of an old fortress at the Erebuni Museum. The view from the top was so amazing. You could see all of Yerevan from one spot! 

One of my favorite places we visited on the trip was the Armenian Stonehenge. It's thousands of years old and being in a place that has been around for so long is hard to wrap your head around! I was in such awe of the placement of the rocks and stories that went along with them. 

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