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I just realized it has been forever since I've made a Lovely Links post. I try not to talk about this too much on the blog, but for the past couple of months I've been in a sort of blogging rut. I think I got so distracted by the thrill of finishing my senior year that I just lost sight of how important my blog was to me and, in short, started losing my passion. As I slowed down my blogging momentum, I began losing inspiration, motivation, and overall zest for life. I think it was the fact that I wasn't able blog whenever I wanted the past 18 days I was away that made me realize how much I actually missed it. So, here we are, back in the groove!


This week has been a little weird since I got back. I've been keeping busy doing some things to get ready for school to start and doing other work and I've been staying up really late every night burning the midnight oil on my laptop responding to emails, writing emails, and blogging. This week has felt so productive though and I've gotten a lot of satisfaction out of feeling so busy. I hope you all had a great week too! Here are some links to help boost your weekend:

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I went head over heals for Caroline's photos from her trip to the Hamptons and even made one of them my iPhone wallpaper! 

If there's one puppy video you watch this weekend, make sure it's this one.

My favorite twitter account right now #GOATS

Still deciding whether I should buy these sunglasses or not...

I haven't jumped on the romper bandwagon yet, but Sydney might have just changed my mind. 

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