Senior Prom Recap

This past Friday was my Senior Prom! Prom has always been an exciting thing for me... I've been lucky enough to go to four proms during my time in high school! I went as a sophomore to observe while I was an incoming member of the prom committee, I went as a junior as a guest and as a member of prom committee, and senior year I went to prom at the nearby all boys school as well as my own prom! 

I ended up going stag to my prom this year, which I had a little bit of mixed feelings about, but now, I am so happy I did it! I convinced my friends to go stag with me which made it all the more better because we got to just have a great time together enjoying each other's company and celebrating the end of senior year (I can't believe I am saying that)! My dad was so cute too and bought me the prettiest corsage of white roses!

Since I didn't have a date and I prefer to wear short dresses I opted for this dress in navy from Kate Spade (on sale) and these shoes (be sure to size down half a size) instead of the traditional floor length dress and heels! Honestly wearing sparkly Keds was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made... I was the most comfortable girl in the room and I didn't have to sacrifice looking festive! In fact, I felt more confident and more me in them than I would have in heels! if you're not a huge heels girls like me, I definitely recommend getting these shoes!

{Me and my lifelong friend Maureen - 18 years of friendship and many more to come :)}

{My other "date" - my best friend Rachel. Don't know what I'd do if I didn't have her to lean on ;)}

What's your best prom story?

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