Tourist In My Own Town

One of the best parts of having someone from out of town come to visit is getting the chance to play tourist in your own city! When Caroline came, I had the best time taking her to all my favorite spots and getting to experience it as if it was my first time all over again.

Caroline and I are both super big fans of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, so the first thing my mom an I did  when we picked Caroline up on Monday night was go to dinner at SUR, Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant! My mom and I had never been there before either, but had been dying to give it a try, so having Caroline in town seemed like the perfect occasion to pull the trigger! It was such a fun experience seeing how the restaurant actually looked in real life and the food was super duper yummy! 

My mom also bought Caroline and I matching pajamas so that it would feel like a real slumber party! They just coincidentally happened to match my bedroom perfectly! (LOL) 

The next morning, after receiving my exiting college news, I took Caroline to my school to show her around and introduce her to my friends! I think she was definitely overwhelmed by who they all flocked to her, but I think she really enjoyed seeing where I spend my every day life! After, I took Caroline to my mom's store and then we were off to brunch at Bottega Louie! We arrived a little late so we ended up sharing a pizza, which was delicious, but we couldn't leave without picking up some macarons too! 

After brunch, Caroline and I ventured into Brentwood to go to the Sugar Paper store, which was a MUST on my list of stops for the day! We snapped some photos, talked with the store workers, and grabbed some goodies, then we were on our way. After we left Sugar Paper, we drove to the Beverly Hills Hotel and went on adventure around the property. We walked down to the pool, into the gift shop, and up and down the halls admiring everything we passed! 

We finished the day with an early dinner at The Ivy in Beverly Hills where Caroline and I split an order of guacamole with homemade tortillas (a must-order when you eat here) and a super yummy grilled veggie and chicken salad.

I had one of the best days with Caroline that I have ever had! I'm so glad we were able to catch up and spend so much time together! If you are ever coming to LA and want my recommendations, you can always email me! (Would you guys be interested in me making an LA Travel Guide?) 

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