Be A Happy Girl


I would consider myself a generally very happy person, but I've always thought that my happiness, and the way I expressed it, was way too overwhelming for the people around me. For a big chunk of my life I would try to subdue my happiness, so that it wouldn't be too much for people, but I really hated doing it. When I'm happy I just want to skip, dance, sing, laugh, and smile all the time! It was really hard for me to understand why that bothered people.

Over time, I've realized just how important it is to allow yourself to be happy and to show your happiness! More often than not, if you are happy, it will radiate off of you and spread to those around you and make them happier too! Honestly, who wouldn't appreciate that? I've noticed also, that more people have commented on how much of an effect my happiness has had on their lives!

So, instead of trying to hide your happiness and excitement, let it flow from you and into the universe! Remember "Happy girls are the prettiest girls" and a smile is your greatest accessory! 

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