Patience Is A Virtue

If I could pick any one thing to be better at, it would be patience. I know I've droned on about this on here before, but it's something I really feel strongly about and that is super prominent in my life at the moment. I'm currently in the middle of a lot of situations that patience would help me in a lot, the most prominent of which is waiting for college letters. Luckily, I've already been accepted to five schools that I absolutely love! (Not telling what they are, but I will tell you all where I'm going once I finally hear back and make my choice!) 

Talking about patience is hard because it isn't something anyone can teach you. To become patient, one needs to become perfectly content in their current state. That way, no outcome will ever really make a big difference to you! Sometimes, I can feel patience boiling inside me, but at times like this, where the thing I'm waiting for is such a huge life change, there is absolutely zero sign of patience. I'm in that stage where I'm so stressed I want to eat everything an nothing all at the same time... you know what I mean? 

I'm slowly working on finding my own patience and I hope you work towards finding your own patience! We can help each other! Remember, you can always shoot me an email if you ever want to chit chat! 

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