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This week was a very special one in oh-so-many ways! My BFF Caroline came over to spend the day with me and have a slumber party and I received some very life changing news. I don't know if I've ever been happier in my life. Honestly, no one can rain on my parade! I hope everyone had a really really great week as well! Have a great weekend! (Watch out next week for an exciting announcement, and a post all about my day with Caroline!)

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Coming to LA soon? Be sure to check out my favorite restaurant or brunch and dinner! 

I just bought the sweetest thank you note set.

Loving these new wallpapers from Design Love Fest! 

A super good looking salmon recipe we should all try out! (Especially if you love Sriracha like I do!)

It's finally here... (drumroll please) the Lilly for Target lookbook

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