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Well, I survived my first full week as an adult, and I have to say it feels exactly the same as before. Yesterday I even told someone I was 17... oops. I started playing softball at school a few weeks ago, which has been equally tiring and fun. It's the first sport I've played ever, so it's definitely been difficult, but luckily I really love learning new things and I think I am slowly, but surely getting the hang of it! I hope everyone else is having a wonderful week too! Happy weekend! 

The new must-have shoe - I am dying for this pair

Ever wanted to create your own font with your own handwriting? 

Good inspiration to do a pre-spring break cleanse! (Also, isn't Caroline just the cutest?)

The Vineyard Vines New Arrivals are everything you could hope for and more.

I can't get enough of this video. 

What's been on your radar this week? 

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