Out with the Old, In with the New // 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Making New Year's resolutions is always hard for me. I have all the lofty goals and plans that I'm pumped for and then after a couple weeks days I've forgotten what my goals even are! This year I am planning on doing things a little bit differently and instead of coming up with a list of random goals that I think will make my life better, I'm going to make goals to help me feel better and be a healthier, happier person! Cheers to 2015! 

  • Smile and give hugs more often: The science behind smiling and hugging is legitimate, guys. This year I resolve to smile and hug more often to boost the my own mood and the moods of the people around me! 
  • Get healthy: In 2015 I want to focus on getting healthier in mind, body, and soul. Every time I work out, I instantly feel better about myself, so this year I want to work out at a few times a week (It's time to go back to Soulcycle) and try to eat lighter meals on weekdays, so I can indulge a bit more on the weekend. I also want to maybe try doing some yoga, to help get my mind more in focus. 
  • Make lists: I'm tired of my life being in chaos, so this year I want to make lists to help keep everything in order. When I get stressed out, making lists always helps me calm down, so I figure if I make a list ahead of time, maybe I won't get stressed out in the first place! (Hopefully my new Simplified Planner will help me!)
  • Focus: 2015 is going to hold some big decision making opportunities - where to go to college, how to continue growing my blog, and more. This year, I really want to keep my goals in check and focus on the things that are really important to me like family, friends, my education, and my future. 
  • Live in the moment: As my senior year comes to an end in 2015, there's going to be some amazing chances to make memories with my friends and family. I really want to live in the moment as these opportunities come along, so that I can look back on my senior and smile at all the fun I had and the successes I accomplished. 
My motto for the year is officially: " She dreamed she could, so she did."

Cheers to a fabulous 2015! 

Comment below one of your goals for the New Year! 

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