Five Favorites Vol. 1

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Yesterday while I was driving to go meet my friends to walk around the Rose Bowl (my new favorite activity when I want to get fresh air and some exercise) I was thinking about potential blog post ideas and I finally got inspired. I always come across products I become obsessed with or find myself reaching for periodically throughout the week, so I thought I'd start sharing those with you in a "Five Favorites" post. After today, you can expect these posts to come on Mondays but since I didn't actually think of the idea until Monday morning, we'll have to settle for Tuesday this week.

Clarisonic: I use my Clarisonic with my favorite cleanser every night before I go to bed to help keep my face feeling fresh before I go to sleep and when I wake up. It helps remove my makeup and any other grime that builds up on my face throughout the day. If I had to pick, I'd probably say buying my Clarisonic was the best money I spent in all of 2014... just saying.

Givenchy Cheek and Lip Stain: I stole borrowed this cheek and lip stain from my cousin forever ago and just started using it again. I forgot how much I love it! It's pretty sheer, but accentuates the pink already in your lips and is silky smooth and super light. You barely even feel it on. I haven't been able to stop wearing it lately; it's the perfect color and looks totally natural.

Beauty Protect and Detangle: I got this detangler in my Birchbox last month and I'm officially obsessed with it. It makes my hair feel so soft after I blow-dry it and it smells like cookies when you spray it on. Win-win, right?

Rollerball Perfume (Coconut Milk Mango): Besides the aforementioned cookie smelling detangler, this Coconut Milk Mango perfume may be the best thing you've ever smelled. Seriously, it's like heaven in a bottle. I love having the rollerball because it is small enough to throw in my purse when I'm on the go, so that I can re-apply it throughout the day and it gives me more control on wear I apply it.

Fitbit Flex: My Fitbit is my new favorite gadget that I own (besides my iPhone of course). I wear it 24/7 and it's been a total life changer. It helps me track my sleeping patterns, weight goals, water intake, and steps taken/calories burned throughout the day. It's been the best motivator to help me with my New Year's resolution. (I've lost nearly 10 pounds!)

What products have you not been able to live without lately? 

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