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There are few things in life that make me as happy (or happier) than going to a salon for a fresh manicure. I have tons of nail polishes at home and I'm inclined to changing my nail polish color almost weekly, but there's something so nice about going to a salon and having someone clean and paint your nails. I always leave feeling like a new woman - refreshed and totally rejuvenated. I normally just go to one of the 10 different nail salons within a 5 minute radius of my house, but there are only so many times I can settle for a mediocre mani before I am tired of it. That's where Olive & June comes in.

I can't be the only girl on the planet who has dreamed of a beautiful, clean, and totally Instagram-worthy nail salon with amazing customer service and the best manicures, right? Olive & June is the nail salon every girl dreams of going to. I mean just look at the photos! 

{Images via the Olive & June website}

I'm not generally a girl who goes for nail art, but I honestly couldn't resist it since it's one of their specialties. I mean it's okay to get it once, right? I got a plain white manicure with the most adorable hand-painted monkey emoji faces painted on my thumbs and I am obsessed with them! I feel like I have adorable little monkey friends to take with me everywhere! (You can see a picture of my mani on the Olive & June Instagram!)

I think I'm an official Olive & June convert, but next time I may go for a more traditional manicure without the nail art :)

Once you Olive & June, there's no going back!

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