Mini Monogrammed Pouch

I was so excited when Charlotte from Thirty-One Gifts contacted me to talk about their mini monogrammed zipper pouch! After I looked at the website, I knew it was a perfect fit. They have so many adorable customizable accessories for the girl on the go. It can be so hard to find affordable accessories that are also cute and functional, but Thirty-One Gifts has solved that problem! When Charlotte told me that I would be receiving the pouch in pink and navy, I knew this would be a match made in heaven, but don't worry, if pink and navy don't rock your world like they do mine, the bag comes in a ton of different colors and patterns along with different monogramming options! Honestly, there are so many different options and ways you could use this adorable mini pouch. Want to know the best part? The bag is only $12!

The obvious use for this bag was to use it for pens. Now, if you color-code to a fault, like I do, the bag may be a bit too small to store your plethora of highlighters and colored pens, but for those of you who like to stick to a few favorite pens, then the pouch is perfect. 

After much contemplation, I decided that the best way to use this bag for my on-the-go lifestyle is toto store my "in case of emergency" products, that I take everywhere, in it. Since the colors of the bag are so neutral, I don't have to worry about it clashing with my different handbags and it's the perfect size to store everything, while also not taking up too much room in my bag! I am so excited to have this bag. It's the kind of bag you don't realize you need until you have it!

Like I said, the bag has so many options, so I challenge anyone who buys one to find a creative way to use the bag! 

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How would you use your mini zippered pouch?

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Thank you so much to Charlotte from Thirty-One Gifts for sponsoring this post! 

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