Gotta Keep Your Head Up


I really love it (and by love it I mean hate it) when people just tell you to keep your chin up and be confident because "You're amazing!" I feel like it's such a generic statement and that they are clearly just saying it so you don't feel bad about yourself, despite it being true or not (it's probably true though). I promise this isn't going to be me telling you all that you are amazing for no actual reason, but I wanted to share with you a few really helpful ways I remind myself that sometimes, I'm actually pretty awesome and I should be proud. 

First off, think back through the past week and all the positive interactions you had with the people around you. Maybe you helped a friend with their homework, lent someone money for lunch, or even just made someone smile and laugh when you could tell they were feeling down. People do these things all day, every day, without even knowing it and as a result they forget how awesome they are. Let me just tell you, if anyone did any of those things for me, I would never forget it and I would really, really appreciate them. 

Secondly, think of something you've accomplished recently. It could be as simple as being proud that you got yourself out of bed for class or work this morning (I know I'm pretty proud when I do that), that you finished a project (and only procrastinated a little bit), or even that you left one bite of cake on your plate because you knew it would be "the bite." You know, the one you totally regret the moment it is in your mouth and it's too late to do anything about it. No matter what the accomplishment is, you need to take recognition that you did something because you did. If you really think hard enough, I know you will find something. 

Lastly, I know all of you have go to be pretty darn amazing if you're reading this blog. I think that's something worth taking note of! When I see comments and get to interact with all of you, it brings so much joy to my life. You are the reason blogging is so worth while to me.  If you can't find anything to remind yourself how great you are, then just remember how great I think you are! 

What is one thing you are going to remember for this week to help you keep your head up?

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