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One of my favorite things is coming across new, or at least new to me, brands to share here on the blog! When I first came across Em John while perusing the beloved internet (aka my favorite mode of procrastination), I knew I had to share Emma's amazing brand with you all. Those of you who saw this post on my Instagram a while back may have had a feeling something fun was coming to the blog, and ladies and gentlemen (probably no gentlemen besides my dad, but that's ok!), that something fun is finally here!  

Initially, Emma sent me the cutest sets of bracelets! The colors were all beyond perfect and I loved the mix of glitter and solid colored charms - one for every mood! When I showed the bracelets to my friends, they were obsessed with them and even wore them out for a night! We took a really adorable photo of al of our wrists, but I lost the photo :(... Then, she sent me another set of super cute fall bracelets to share with all of you (see photo below), which I fell in love with just as much, if not more than, the ones I received before.

What really struck me about Em John was that Emma is a senior in high school like me! I have an immediate soft spot for anyone juggling college apps and a growing brand. I can completely relate. Honestly, even in just the few bits of email correspondence Emma and I had, I knew her and I were meant to be friends, one of the first things I remember telling her was that I knew if we went to the same school we would be inseparable. Another fun fact about Emma's brand is her goal to prepay for college with the money made from her business, aka the Em John College Challenge.

Emma's bracelets are all so fun that it's hard to pick a favorite. The emoji bracelets, like this one are adorable, but I also love this pink and navy letter option! In addition to Emma's adorable bracelets, she also makes super cute pouches - perfect for carrying makeup and all your other necessities. (My favorite has to be this one. I think I nearly spit out my drink from laughter when I read it.)

Emma and I have a HUGE surprise coming to Instagram (Emma's: @emjohnjewelry) later on this afternoon, so be sure to follow both of us, so you don't miss anything. Trust me, you will be disappointed if you don't! 

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Which Em John product is your favorite?

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