5 Things I've learned Through The College Process

If you've looked at my Twitter and Instagram feeds lately, read the blog in the past couple weeks, or even talked to me in the past two months, then you know that I'm currently in the middle of the college application process. The college process is seriously unlike anything else. When people say senior year is hard "in a different way," they're not kidding. I never knew what they meant by that until I actually went through it all. Last week I submitted my first round of applications and I think I'm finally experienced enough to shed some light on the process for all of you. As hard as it is to juggle everything in your life during the five months that comprise first semester of senior year, you learn some very valuable life lessons from it all.

{Does this photo make studying for the SAT look, dare I say it... glamorous?!?!}

Time Management is a serious thing. I always thought I was so good at managing my time until senior year rolled around. Turns out, I had no idea what managing time even meant until this year. Juggling homework, SAT prep, filling out college apps, college essay writing, blogging, and my extracurriculars has been quite the trip, let me just tell you!

Planners are NECESSARY. I don't know how anyone can survive senior year without having a planner. I'm currently using my Lilly Pulitzer agenda, but I just got this one from Design Darling and I am so excited to start using it when it starts in 2015. It has so much room and is perfect for keeping track of everything I need to do! There are so many things to keep track of during senior year from deadlines to interviews, a planner is a definite necessity. 

Make time to Sleep. Sleep will become your best friend. I can not stress how important sleep is during this stressful time. I've experienced firsthand how much a lack of sleep can affect your health and let me tell you, it is not fun. After a week and a half of stressing out, working nonstop, and getting far less than the recommended amount of sleep, I spent Halloween and my first semi-free weekend with a terrible cold. As sad as it is to admit, some of the "biggest" decisions I've had to make in the past weeks is whether I should catch up on sleep or have fun with my friends. I'm not saying you should always pick sleep, sometimes you need to go out and make memories with your friends; all I'm saying is that you need to make sure your health is in tip-top shape! 

Ask for help. It seems pretty obvious, right? But how often do you really find yourself asking for help? I've been finding myself asking for help more and more these past few weeks. Whether it's asking my parents to help motivate me or asking a teacher to help me understand a terribly confusing book, I have learned how valuable help can be. 

Create a new email for college stuff. Boy, do I wish someone had told me to do this last year when I first began receiving college emails. It would have been a total lifesaver. The college email clutter fills up your inbox over night and it is beyond annoying. If I could start all over, I would have set up a separate email account for everything related to college including my Common Application account and accounts for my other applications. Trust me, if there is one thing you listen to in this entire post, please listen to this. You can thank me later.
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