Tips For Organizing Your Agenda

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I know back in this post I said I was using the Whitney English Day Designer, but at the last minute I changed my mind and switched back to my tried and true Lilly Pulitzer agenda (free shipping on all agendas right now!).

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There are many different ways to organize your agenda and at the end of the day, despite what I tell you, the best thing to do is to really just go with what works best for you. This isn't a "my way or the highway" situation, but rather just some tips and tricks I've learned through the trial and error process that is organizing my agenda. 
  • Use a Binder Clip. I like to use a binder clip to section off the past months and weeks that I don't need anymore. Not only does this help keep yourself from accidentally looking at Sep. 13 instead of Oct. 13, it also makes flipping to the current day a lot easier. 
  • Color Code. I am definitely a major color coder. I color code everything from my binders, to my notes, but I have always color coded my agenda. I use a different color for each academic subject and then I use one color for all activities outside of school. This helps me save line space since I dont have to write down the name of each class for each assignment and it also helps me figure out where I need to allot my time "at a glance."
  • Cross out with a clean line. I used to do "pretty" curly-Q scribbles whenever I would cross something out in my agenda, but after a while I stopped and began just making once clean line through each task. I decided that my elaborate scribbling actually made my agenda look messier despite my efforts to make it "pretty." I also realized that by using a simple line to cross things out, I could easily refer back to things I completed without straining my eyes to read what I wrote. 
  • Use Post-It notes. Post-It notes are a life saver when you run out of room on a particular day or when you want to stick your to-do list inside your agenda. ( and Kate Spade have adorable sticky note sets.)
Do you have any agenda organizing tips?

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