{Freebie} Binder Covers

After I posted this Instagram photo, I my inbox and comments became flooded with requests on how I made them and where they could be downloaded! Being the Photoshop "expert" that I am (expert being in quotes because I am in no way an expert), it only took me about 15 minutes to make each cover, but though it was easy for me to make, it wasn't very easy for me to explain, especially to someone who's never used photoshop before! My solution? Give them away as free downloads! 

Linked below, you will find blank versions of each cover and each spine. On the covers I wrote my class names, and on the spines I put what block I have each class so that they would be easy to distinguish inside my locker. You could just as easily use the covers for non-academic things such as recipes or for filing at work! To download them, just click the link for the ones you want, open them in Word (or photoshop if you're an "expert" like me), add your text, and voila! You have some pretty cute, super preppy binder covers! 

Green with Navy: Cover, Spine | Hot Pink with Navy: Cover, Spine
Light Pink with Green: Cover, Spine | Light Blue with Navy: Cover, Spine
Yellow with Orange: Cover, Spine | Navy with Yellow: Cover, Spine

If you use the covers, be sure to post them to social media and tag me or use the hashtag #preptista! 

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