Kate Spade Surprise Sale!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I'm not usually one for surprises, especially when people hint at the fact that they have a surprise for you, but don't actually tell you anything about the surprise. Seriously, there's nothing worse that that. There is one surprise though that is always music to my ears and that's the Kate Spade Surprise Sale! I mean Kate Spade at up to 75% off? who wouldn't fall in love with that! The sale goes on for 3 days, but items sell out super fast, so you need to jump on the opportunity when you see something you like. Carpe diem (or something like that)! 

I think Kate Spade does an amazing job at designing unique whimsical items, which are always my favorite things to buy from the brand. I mean you can buy a navy nylon cross-body anywhere, but where else can you get ballet flats (my fave) that look like watermelons?!

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