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Monday, August 4, 2014

This may sound like a cliché teenager thing to say, but my iPhone is basically my life. So much of what I do depends on my having my phone and how much battery life I have, etc. The other key thing to my phone? - Organization. I've organized my phone different ways almost a million times to find a method that works for me, but I finally feel like I've found one. I never really thought about sharing my iPhone organization until I read Frannie's post about her phone. It's always interesting seeing how different people organize their phones in different ways. If your like my dad, you have 100+ apps all in different folders on about 4 different pages, my mom on the other hand doesn't have many apps besides the standard iPhone apps, and then there's me.

I like having pretty simple wallpapers for my home screen so that it is easy to read and see the apps, but I usually keep my lock screen different. Right now my lock screen is a selfie of Frannie, Caroline, and I and my home screen is this photo that I took in the Lilly Pulitzer store in King of Prussia.

My home screen is dedicated to the 2 things: The standard iPhone apps that are actually useful, and the apps I use most often. I definitely use Safari, Mail, Instagram, and Messages the most, which is why they are in the favorites bar at the bottom. Snapchat and Twitter are the other two social apps that I use the most. I used to use Yelp a lot more to check in at different places, but I don't use it as much anymore... maybe it's time to demote it to the second page... I'm also a huge Spotify user. I have Spotify Premium which ends up saving me so much money on music since I like and dislike songs very quickly. Also, who wouldn't want to pay $10 a month instead of paying $16 per album on iTunes. It sounds like a no brainer to me. 

I hate having more than two pages on my phone, which is why page 2 is organized into folders. The first folder is full of apps that I don't use and don't want to look at. I pretty much ignore this folder completely. Next is my "Social" folder where I keep all my social apps that I use frequently, but haven't earned their spot on the first page. My "Preptista" folder stores all things blog related and comes in handy when I want to catch up on posts from my favorite bloggers or fix a typo on my blog while on-the-go. The "School" folder is pretty boring and just stores my app for my school email and a French/English dictionary. I have a ton of photo editing apps on my phone. I only really use a few of them (VSCO, Snapseed, and Afterlight), but you never know when some of the other ones will come in handy. The most exciting apps in my "Misc." folder are my Drybar app (#lifesaver) and the Kim Kardashian game. (Yes, I play it and yes, it's seriously addicting.) The "$$$" app holds everything related to money shopping shopping to banking.

I absolutely hate having the little red notifications symbol on my phone, which is a huge motivator to check my emails, respond to texts (when I see them), and update all my apps. I'm even guilty of deleting apps that give too many notifications. Those little red circles everywhere can cause serious anxiety. Being apart of groupchats (I'm talking about you guys dwc) can cause more anxiety than you could imagine, especially when you wake up to a conversation that's already been going on a few hours, but I've found groupchats are the most exciting types and I wouldn't trade being apart of it for the world. 

How do you like to organize your phone? Do you like seeing other people's phones the same way Frannie and I do?

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