Behind The Gram

I've been seeing a lot of these posts floating around the internet and I find them absolutely hilarious, so I was dying to do one of my own! A picture may be worth a thousand words, but those words aren't always reality. Let me know if you like this post and maybe I'll do another one or something similar in the future!

What it looks like: Here are some pretty framed flowers at my Blogshop class!
What really happened: I meant to take a photo of these on the first day, but forgot. I noticed after I took it that the bottom frame was crooked and missing a ton of flowers. I posted the photo anyways passing it off as an "effortless chic" vibe. 

What it looks like:  Just stopped by Magnolia Baker for a delicious cupcake!
What really happened: I went to Magnolia for the Banana Pudding, but the pudding isn't very Instagram worthy, so I bought a cupcake too. I also asked for this specific cupcake because of the purple frosting and the way the sprinkles were arranged. I scarfed the cupcake down in about 3 minutes flat and washed it down with the pudding.

What it looks like: Fran just happened to snap a photo of Chloe, Caroline and I laughing because we are just that cute. 
What really happened: We went to Lincoln Center to take pictures and we wanted something candid, so we made Fran start dancing while taking the pictures. (#doitforthegram)

What it looks like: I woke up un a bright and sunshiney Sunday morning and am now enjoying a nice cup of coffee in my bed.
What really happened: I woke up with the urge to post to Instagram, but had nothing to post so I put on "pretty pajamas" that matched my bed, and started taking photos. The picture seemed too plain, so I went downstairs to find a cute coffee cup to add to the photo. I don't drink coffee in the mornings. (Unless someone brings me Starbucks, of course.)

What it looks like: I was being goofy with my favorite Kate Spade purse, while my dad snapped photos for Instagram.
What really happened: I purposely used this purse, so that I could take a photo pretending the purse is a camera. 

What it looks like: Just a perfect afternoon at the OC Fair!
What really happened: The reason everything is lined up at the bottom is because the fair was super busy with people everywhere and I didn't want any random heads in my photo. 

What it looks like: I found the cutest Lemonade Stand ever!
What really happened: I took photos of three of these stands before this one because I needed the light to be at the right angle and I didn't want people to be in line while I took the photo. I didn't buy any lemonade, either.

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