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If you're in the same position I am in, you are getting ready to start school in a week and totally borderline freaking out about it. My favorite thing about going back to school is getting to pick out all my school supplies (binders, backpacks, etc.)! Backpacks have always been tough for me because I never know how much space I am going to require going into the year. The three below include ones I've used in the past, and the one I plan on using next year. I also wrote up a little description about my experience with each and my likes/dislikes! 

  • Vineyard Vines Backpack: This is the backpack I'm using this upcoming year! I am super excited that Vineyard Vines made backpacks because they are so adorable. When I received mine it was a little bit smaller than I had anticipated, but I know it shouldn't be a problem for me because my school moved over to using iPads in place of a lot of textbooks, so I won't need as much space! The backpack includes a spot for your water bottle on the side, a front pocket for holding smaller items, and a padded laptop sleeve inside! If you won't be needing space for a ton of text books this year, then I would definitely recommend getting this backpack because it's both adorable and convenient! I'm even going to have mine monogrammed on the front pocket by The Monogrammed Home!
  • Jansport Backpack: The Jansport "Big Student Backpack" is perfect if you need a lot of space. I used one of these freshmen, sophomore, and half of junior year. It fits so much stuff, it's not even funny. It has two large pockets, two small pockets, one medium pocket in the front, and a pockets for a water bottle on the side. The only problems I've had with this backpacks is that the water bottle pocket broke on my last two, creating a big hole and making the pocket unusable, and that one of the straps broke. Despite these small issues I've had though, I would definitely tell anyone who thinks they will need a lot of space, to get one of these. (Not even kidding, I have a friend who doesn't even use a locker and keeps all her books in this backpack! She swears by them!)
  • Kipling Backpack: The Kipling Backpack is a personal favorite of mine because it is simple, stylish, and very convenient. It features one large pocket with a padded laptop sleeve, one small pocket on top (perfect for holding your phone and a chapstick), and two pockets in front. The only downside I've found to this backpack is that it doesn't have anywhere to put a water bottle, so if that's a deal breaker for you then I wouldn't choose this bag. The material is also super durable and pretty water resistant.

I hope this helped shed some light on a few of the different backpacks out there! Remember, these are only backpacks that I can personally attest to, though. The North Face backpack is also super popular at my school and among some of my friends!

What's your favorite backpack?

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