Back To School: Agendas

For anyone who enjoys organization as much as I do, agendas are the best part of starting a new year. I'll admit I don't think I've ever made it an entire year with just one agenda, so I've had a lot experience with different types and have narrowed it down to my three favorites! 

  • Whitney English Day Designer: I got my Day Designer as part of my goodie bag at the Smart Girls Conference in July and absolutely LOVE it! It helps me stay so organized and and manage my to-do lists along with my schedule for each day! I like that each page in the agenda is a new day because it give you optimal space for planning! If you like a lot of writing space like I do, then this planner is definitely for you! (Expect and a post on how I organize with my Day Designer soon!)
  • Lilly Pulitzer Agenda: The Lilly Agenda is super bright and cheery which makes planning and color coding a little bit easier and more fun! I've used the Lilly Agendas for as long as I can remember, and I even bought one this year, even though I'm not using it (for right now at least)! The planner shows a weekly view and gives you seven lines per day! These agendas are great for keeping track of either you daily schedule or homework assignments, but I don't think it's really enough space for both. They are really great as academic agendas though, and come with super fun stickers! Imagine actually getting joy out of writing down homework! 
  • Kate Spade Agenda: Kate Spade agendas have essentially the same layout of the Lilly agendas, just with a different color scheme. It also has cute and fun sayings at the beginning of each month that will surely make you smile! Keep in mind before purchasing this agenda that the planner is basically a mini binder, so you can not fold the pages all the way around. This was a problem for me because writing required a lot of space to lay the agenda out flat, but I still love it and would definitely recommend the agenda! 
Do you have an agenda that you swear by or are you a digital calendar type of person?

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