OC Fair

Monday, July 28, 2014

Yesterday afternoon the fambam and I decided to make the trek out to Orange County for the annual fair! It had been ages since we had gone together, and although we were not looking forward to the drive, we were so excited to spend the quality time with each other. Much to my surprise the fair was an amazing source for inspiration! The inner blogger in me couldn't refrain from whipping my phone out every chance I got to snap some photos! The fair truly felt magical, and the pictures make it look like a dream land! 

While wandering around, we got to see the world's smallest horse, Tiny Tim, (he's so cute), and the world's biggest horse, Hercules, (talk about massive). The rides were super fun too! Mimi and I went on the giant swings and I opted to go on some of the more "wild" rides alone. So. Much. Fun. 

Oh, it was also a great source for people watching as well. Trust me that place has one of every type of human being roaming around! 

Do you like going to fairs? Where do you like to go when you are lacking inspiration?
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