NYC Recap Day 6

Ok, so I'm back to doing recaps! Day 6 was sadly the day my mom and I left the city and headed down to Philly! (Sidenote: I'm not going to recap my entire trip to Philly, but I will definitely highlight the most exciting part of my two days there! Cant wait to tell you about it tomorrow!) I definitely have the best mom in the world though because she neglected everything she wanted to do while we were in NYC to make sure I got to do as many of the things I wanted as possible! 

(#candid, but not really)

On our last day, I accidentally slept in very late and by late I mean until 1:00 in the afternoon (how I managed to sleep 14 hours in the city that never sleeps is beyond me), so our first stop of the day was Shake Shack! Shake Shack is definitely one of my favorite establishments only found on the East Coast! Even though I get to have In-N-Out, I truly do think Shake Shack is better, even if it's a tad bit more expensive. If you go, order a Shack Burger, a Black and White Shake, and cheese fries. You won't be disappointed! Ever since I first tried it back in March, I can't even imagine a trip back East without it.

After our delicious Shake Shack, Mimi and I hiked it on over across the street (I know, big hike right? After that Shake Shack though, it sure felt like a hike!) to Club Monaco. Let me just start by saying it may have been one of the prettiest stores I've ever seen. I must have taken a hundred photos just here alone. I fell in love with just about everything I tried on and they were having a really good sale, so Mimi and I (mainly I) made out like bandits! I'm definitely a Club Monaco fanatic now! The store even had a wing that was a miniature book store. Club Monaco collaborated with The Strand to create it and it resembled the prettiest at home library ever, complete with chairs and a fireplace for lounging! 

Before leaving the city, Mimi said farewell to the horses in Central Park! Here's a photo of her with Arnie after she fed him a carrot! 

I can't wait until my next trip to New York, but honestly I don't know how it could possibly pass this one up! Who knows, maybe my next trip to the city will be for a freshman orientation ;)! 

What has been your favorite part of the trip Recaps? What things do you enjoy in NYC? Do you want me to continue doing trip recaps when I travel?

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