NYC Recap Day 5

Day 5 was my last full day in NYC. it was bittersweet because on one hand I was excited to take the train to Philly and explore a new city, but on the other hand I was beginning to get depressed about leaving my favorite city in the world. 

Mimi and I kicked off the day with brunch at Bergdorf & Goodman. I'm not lying when I say that the food was some of the best I've ever had. (If you go, you must order the lobster mac and cheese #todiefor) the windows of the restaurant look over central park and the view absolutely takes your breath away. 

Nest stop of the day was Henri Bendel! The store was an absolute madhouse, but we managed to make our way through  ooo-ing and aahh-ing at all the pretty things. Sadly though, we left empty handed.

It wouldn't be a trip to NYC without a stop at the Kate Spade store on Madison Ave. (789 Madison on the corner of 67th and Madison. Is it weird that I have that memorized?) The customer service at the store was great and I couldn't stop myself from swooning over all the beautiful colors. 

 Magnolia Bakery has been on my NYC To-See list since its opening and I was not at all disappointed. Let's just say this was a cheat day because I got a cupcake and a container of banana pudding (it's totally magical, I swear). 

Ok, so this was definitely a cheat day because Mimi and I topped off our cupcakes and banana pudding with a trip to Dylan's candy! I felt like a kid in a candy shop (no pun intended) the moment I walked through the doors. I love all the bright colors of the store and the hustle and bustle of people whizzing around inside. It's chaotic, but so. much. fun.

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